42x36x14/9 Regular Roof Barn

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42x36 Regular Roof Horse Barn

Campers are a significant investment that needs protection when they’re not out on the road, and that’s one of the primary building applications this homeowner had in mind for this custom barn building. The 14’ tall, enclosed center section is plenty big enough for accommodating a camper or RV, with room left over to spare. Plus, it’s accessible by a large roll-up garage door in the front, as well as by a walk-in door on the side.

If that’s all there was to this sturdy metal structure, it would already be a nice outdoor facility. But wait, there’s more! There are also two nice open-air covered sections that flank either side of the barn. These sections are great for all sorts of protected outdoor uses, like having a spot to park your lawnmower, space for storing equipment & supplies, and much more. You could also take advantage of these areas to do a little carpentry, tackle a work project, or for being able to pursue a hobby under shelter from both sun and precipitation. And here’s another handy idea – by simply adding a couple of picnic tables, you’ve now got a great instant spot for hosting an outdoor picnic or cookout!

And this barn building isn’t just practical & functional; it really looks great, too! The rich red tone of the roof and side paneling is striking, and the curves of the regular roof make this building feel like a classic barn which has received a modern makeover. But while this building may remind you of a traditional barn, it certainly doesn’t act like one. In fact, this sturdy steel structure outperforms any comparable wooden barn building! The all-steel construction doesn’t rot, warp, or fade like wood, plus it stands stronger in the face of common threats from weather and pests. And another advantage? Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. In most cases, all that’s required is to hose off your barn or hose it out from time to time, and you’re good to go!

You can check out this building’s product page 42x36x14/9 Regular Roof Barn to learn more about the specs and details, and you can also reach out to one of our friendly building specialists directly at (980)-321-9898 to answer any specific questions. Just be sure to mention item number: RRHB423614, and we’d be happy to help provide you with your own personalized building quote!

And speaking of personalized buildings…perhaps there are some things you like about this particular building design, but there are also some things you’d like to do differently. No problem! In fact, Carport Central gives you the ability to design your own custom metal building plan with our exclusive 3D Building Visualizer tool. It’s simple to use, and it’s easily accessible from any browser on either desktop or mobile devices. Plus, it does more than just give you a stunning 3D rendering; it also provides you with updated component pricing information, depending upon which customizations you choose to include. Once you’re happy with your created design, you can save it, share it, and even use it to get your own personal building order started with Carport Central!

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