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What Makes Corrugated Metal Paneling Better

Tough Building Needs Call for Tough Building Materials Looking for a sturdy, reliable outdoor building solution? Don’t settle for any old stick build or pole barn. Choose metal buildings instead! What makes a steel-framed structure better? Pretty much everything you can think of. Galvanized steel tubing is really a perfect framing material. It’s strong, durable, relatively lightweight, and not susceptible to moisture, fire, or pests. And steel doesn’t rot, shrink,…

Ways to Customize and Personalize Your New Commercial Metal Building

Planning for a New Commercial Metal Building? Good Call! If you’re in the market for a commercial metal building, you’re in good company. Commercial metal buildings are widely used by retailers, wholesalers, and businesses of all types, as well as for various agricultural and industrial applications. And individual homeowners who need a big backyard building really like commercial metal buildings, too. But one question that comes up a lot is…

In Honor of National Metal Day … Choose a Metal Building!

National Metal Day is November 11 You probably already know that November 11 is Veterans Day, and it’s absolutely appropriate and right for us to pay our respects to all those who have served in the US military. But did you know that November 11 is also National Metal Day? This date was so designated in honor of the classic metal music mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, where the band’s…

Metal Building Insulation: How It Can Get Wet Before Installation & Ways to Prevent That from Happening

The walls are going up, and the foundation anchors are in place, everything is looking great - that is until the sky clouds over. Thunder rumbles, and a flash storm scatters the installation crew from your installation site. The storm disappears as quickly as it came, and then the crew gets back to work. All is well until they realize that the metal building insulation got wet during the storm.…

Let There Be Light (and Ventilation): Add Some Windows to Your Metal Building

  When it comes to getting your own prefab metal building, you may not realize that you have the ability to customize by putting in some windows. But you absolutely can! Adding windows is a great way to improve both the look and the functionality of your steel structure. There are windows specially designed for steel buildings, which the manufacturer can provide for you, or you can opt to source…

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