Getting Your Site Ready for a Metal Building Installation

Planning to have a custom metal building installed? That’s a great call, especially if you choose to partner with a pro like Carport Central. Metal buildings are fantastic solutions for a wide range of storage, residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial needs. Our building specialists are experts at facilitating the entire process from building design, to purchase, to financing, to custom manufacturing, to installation. We really work hard to make the…

<strong>Partnering with The Mariners’ Museum to Help Preserve Nautical History</strong>

Ever been to The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News, VA? They exist to connect people to the world’s waters, because through those waters and through our shared maritime heritage, we are connected to one another. The organization was chartered way back in 1930, and they’ve been advancing nautical topics and appreciation for nautical history for nearly a century! In fact, the U.S. Congress has designated The Mariners’ Museum…

Why It's Necessary to Choose Your Metal Building Foundation According to Climate Conditions

What is a Metal Building Foundation? Metal buildings are some of the most convenient structures on the market; they are strong, durable, and last for years. It's no wonder that they're in such high demand. But do you know what makes or breaks any metal building? It's the foundation. Like all good things, a strong foundation is necessary for creating a high-quality product. Remember the adage, 'a house built on…

Level the ground for Your New Metal Carport or Custom Metal Building

So, you’ve chosen a quality metal carport and picked out the perfect spot for it. What now? Whether you’ve purchased a metal carport kit or are planning on having it professionally installed, it’s important to level your site before the first pole is placed. Site Leveling Why Leveling Your Site is Important If your site is unlevel by more than four inches, you’re asking for trouble. There are no benefits…

Why Cold-Formed Steel Is Quite Possibly the Perfect Building Material

As far as many residential and commercial building projects go, wood is still the gold standard of building material, right? Wrong! Cold-formed steel is stronger and more durable, while also being more flexible. When you get right down it, there’s really a lot to like about cold-formed steel for numerous framing, roof, and wall paneling applications. Codes & standards development for cold-formed steel Cold-formed steel usage as a building material…

Useful Steel Building Tips
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