Gauging the Importance of Steel Thickness: Framing and Paneling Gauges for Metal Buildings

  Wood became a popular material for framing and construction over two thousand years ago, but advances in materials and technology have led more and more modern home and business owners to choose cold-formed steel (also referred to as light-gauge steel) as the main structural material for their building applications. What makes light-gauge steel a better building material than wood? Among other features, light-gauge steel is stronger, more durable, more…

How to Insulate a Metal Storage Building or Metal Shed?

The main reason for insulating a metal storage building or metal sheds, is to reduce the transfer of radiant heat. A lot of energy can be wasted in metal buildings, and good insulation ensures that the carport or any other metal storage building remains warm in winters and cooler in the summers. It also helps to minimize noise filtering from a metal building. Further, if you reside in an area…

When Do I Need a Crane or Lift for My Custom Metal Building Installation?

Are you considering having a large steel building erected for your farm or business? Great idea! High-quality steel barns, workshops, garages, and other custom buildings offer an economical, durable, and flexible option for your business, farm, or private property. But did you know that many metal building manufacturers require a lift for large steel building installation? Reasons a Crane or Lift Rental May Be Necessary for My Steel Building Installation…

Four Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cooler in Hot Weather

Well, it’s official! Spring has sprung, and temperatures are on the upswing. Whether you have a steel barn to shelter animals or a steel garage to shelter valuables, you may be wondering: “How can I keep my metal building cool when the weather warms up?” Great question! Keeping a consistent temperature is important to protect your belongings, your livestock, and even yourself from the negative effects of excessive heat. Whether…


Customers often question which anchor is ideal for their new custom metal building and its foundation. Selecting the right anchor will help your custom carport, garage, or other structure stay secured to the ground when faced with the elements. Failing to use the proper anchors can compromise the strength and stability of even the best steel buildings. At Carport Central, we are committed to helping you choose the appropriate anchors…

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