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12 Gauge Framing

Steel-Framed Homes: Style, Personality, & Performance

  Metal homes aren’t a new idea; they’ve actually been around for well over a century. But steel-framed homes continue to become more popular all across America today, and for good reason. What makes a steel home a better choice? We’ll explore that topic in more detail with this blog; keep reading to learn more! Reasons to Build a Home with Steel Why consider building a home from steel components,…

Why Light-Gauge Steel Buildings are Perfect for California

With all the extreme threats from Mother Nature that California residents and businesses have to face on what seems like a regular basis, it pays to choose a building material that’s truly resilient and durable. Many assume that when it comes to low-rise or mid-rise buildings, wood is still the framing material of choice. But if you’re making that assumption, you’d be wrong! Cold-formed steel is amazingly durable, reliable, AND…

The Heavy-Duty Applications of Light Gauge Metal Buildings

  Light gauge steel buildings, despite popular belief, are a durable, reliable construction method used throughout the world today. While the construction process for light gauge structures is similar to that for wooden units, it has surpassed both the need and use for wood-framed projects. What Really Is Light Gauge Steel? So, what is light gauge steel? This type of material is provided in two size gauges – 12 and…

What’s So Great About Cold-Formed Steel Framing?

  When it comes to low-rise and mid-rise buildings, there's no better framing material than wood, right? Wrong! Cold-formed steel is an incredibly durable, reliable, and cost-effective option that continues to gain popularity for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications alike. You've probably seen carports and garages made with this material, but light-gauge steel buildings are being engineered and installed all across America for an increasingly wider range of uses. What…

Gauging the Importance of Steel Thickness: Framing and Paneling Gauges for Metal Buildings

  Wood became a popular material for framing and construction over two thousand years ago, but advances in materials and technology have led more and more modern home and business owners to choose cold-formed steel (also referred to as light-gauge steel) as the main structural material for their building applications. What makes light-gauge steel a better building material than wood? Among other features, light-gauge steel is stronger, more durable, more…

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