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Metal Building of the Week

Building Of The Week - 22x25 Vertical Roof Carport

  A reliable, protected carport that also provides additional enclosed storage space is really a dream solution for urban, suburban, and rural settings alike. The neutral colors really pop against the bright green trees, but you also aren’t locked into these color selections if you prefer a different look. With three distinct sectional features, this structure has a little of everything you might need. The large 3-sided carport area is…

Building Of The Week - 30x41x12 Side Entry Garage

  This featured 30’x41’x12’ metal garage will keep both your vehicles and your equipment safe and sound, no matter what the weather outside decides to do. We installed the pictured steel structure on a solid concrete foundation poured by the homeowner (note that Carport Central doesn’t provide the foundation or any groundwork), but perhaps you’re not interested in going with a poured foundation. When it comes to installing one of…

Building Of The Week - 24x41 Metal RV Carport

  Fifth-wheel campers and pop-up campers need protection from the elements just like cars and trucks do, but they’re typically too long – and too tall – to fit underneath a “normal” carport. If only there were a metal carport specifically designed to be able to accommodate special vehicles like these. But wait – there is! The Carport Central team can provide you with a custom RV cover that’s specially…

Building Of The Week – 26x36x10 Two Car Steel Garage

  This spacious, multipurpose garage is perfect for a growing family, or for any other growing storage needs you may have. It’s designed to be able to comfortably house two passenger vehicles, while also offering some extra space you can use for storing lawnmowers, yard equipment, tools, or whatever else you may have in mind. For example, this can be a perfect place for keeping all your children’s outdoor recreation…


24×41 Steel Utility Building

By Carport Central   |   Posted In: Metal Building of the Week
24×41 Steel Utility Building

  Forest green looks pretty great in nearly any outdoor situation, but in the case of this building, the color stands out even more against the backdrop of a truly unique structure. This steel structure is far cry from just another boring, standard garage building. In addition to the attractive paneling, another thing that really sets this baby apart is the inclusion of both a covered porch and an extended…

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