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Storage Sheds

Metal Buildings: The Perfect Choice for California Agriculture and Manufacturing Businesses

Introduction to California Agriculture & Manufacturing Agriculture in California is worth over $43 billion annually. Its agricultural income exceeds that of every other state and employs approximately a tenth of the state’s labor force. Nearly a quarter of its 99 million acres are devoted to agriculture. It is the nation’s top producer and exporter of agricultural products. Almonds, artichokes, figs, and pomegranates are all primarily produced in this state. Other…

Storage Building Demand, Growth, & Trends in the U.S.A.

  By nearly any measure, the self-storage market in the United States is BIG BUSINESS. came out with its 2020-2025 self-storage market trends report a few months back, and the results are pretty telling. The U.S. currently holds a 90% share of all self-storage inventory, making it the undisputed, largest self-storage market in the world. This includes several large brands and companies like Public Storage, U-Haul, ExtraSpace Storage, and…

BIG Sheds for BIG Needs – Heavy-Duty Metal Sheds for Storage and More!

  Creaky Little Backyard Sheds Can Be Downright Creepy Smaller backyard sheds are convenient for keeping items like push mowers, weed-eaters, garden tools, and lawn ornaments. I know my dad sent me out to fetch something from our little shed hundreds of times when I was a kid! It was a creaky little aluminum shed equipped with sliding doors that you could hardly open, and that made a purely awful…

That’s What She Shed!

  While man caves have been rather popular for years now, one thing is certain - she sheds are a growing phenomenon in both home and garden designs. Their affordability, functionality, practicality, and visual appeal make them a must-have for most every woman's backyard. These steel units offer women all over the world a personal sanctuary of their own that's only a few steps away from their back door. She…

Avoid Clocking in Late During Winter With a Custom Metal Carport

We’ve all been in the same situation you’re in now – it’s the middle of winter and you’re running late for an important meeting but you’re still waiting for your car to defrost and heat up. It can all become frustrating very quickly, but you can avoid all this with one simple solution; a metal carport. These steel structures are one of the most reliable, yet affordable ways to protect…

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