Storage Sheds

Should You Invest in a Rent-to-Own Shed?

Navigating Storage Solutions: Rent to Own Sheds The demand for personal storage solutions continues to rise, and the self-storage market has become big business in America. 90% of all self-storage inventory is held in the U.S., and players like Public Storage, U-Haul, ExtraSpace Storage, and CubeSmart continue to add units around the country. Even so, renting space at an offsite self-storage facility may not be the best option for you.…

Is a Repo Shed or Used Storage Building Really Worth Buying?

Storage Sheds and Storage Buildings Are Handy to Have Around If you’re an American homeowner, you’ve probably got plenty of stuff to store. In fact, you probably have more stuff to store than you have space to do it. If you’re looking for a good backyard storage solution, choosing to install a storage shed or storage building absolutely makes good sense.   What About Repo Sheds or a Repo Storage…

<strong>Motorcycle Sheds: The Perfect Way to Protect Your Ride</strong>

What it feels like to ride Those who have never ridden a motorized two-wheeler, really can’t understand. The experience is hard to describe, and it’s something you’ll never forget. Whether you own a chopper, hog, street bike, dirt bike, crotch rocket, or more than one of the above, the experience of driving a motorcycle is hard to describe. Riding inside a passenger vehicle is one thing, but riding on top…

Utility Storage Buildings for Modern Homeowners

What is a Utility Building? So, what is a utility building, anyway? It’s a fair question because the definition has changed over the years. A couple of generations ago, utility building was used to refer to buildings used by utility companies to house stationary equipment for phone, power, water, and sewer services. During the same time period, a utility storage shed was understood to mean any backyard building used for…

Metal Buildings: The Perfect Choice for California Agriculture and Manufacturing Businesses

Introduction to California Agriculture & Manufacturing Agriculture in California is worth over $43 billion annually. Its agricultural income exceeds that of every other state and employs approximately a tenth of the state’s labor force. Nearly a quarter of its 99 million acres are devoted to agriculture. It is the nation’s top producer and exporter of agricultural products. Almonds, artichokes, figs, and pomegranates are all primarily produced in this state. Other…

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