What’s the Typical Size of a 3-Car Garage?

If you’ve got three vehicles you need to park and protect, installing a detached three-car garage is a great way to meet your needs. In fact, a metal garage is really an ideal storage solution for keeping your lawn & garden equipment, tools, recreational equipment, and most anything else you can think of.But which 3-car garage dimensions will suit your needs best? That’s a great question, and one you absolutely…

What’s the Typical Size of a 2-Car Garage?

Got two vehicles you need to protect and keep safe? A detached two-car garage can be a perfect solution. A metal garage is also an ideal place for storing lawn & garden equipment, tools, recreational equipment, and any number of items you no longer have room for inside your home.   But which 2-car garage dimensions make the most sense for you? That’s an important question to ask, and the…

What’s the Typical Size of a 1-Car Garage?

When a metal garage shopper asks about 1-car garage dimensions, it usually means one of two things: You have a single vehicle you need to protect. You have some designated items you need to shelter and store within the space offered by a typical single-car garage.   Of course, it could also be both/and. Perhaps you have a car or truck you need to park, and you also have a…

What Does It Cost to Build a Detached Garage?

The Need for Detached Garages The majority of new home construction going up in America comes with attached garages included. That shouldn’t be surprising, since over 9 out of 10 U.S. households report owning one or more vehicles. Even so, the demand for adding a detached garage is still on the rise. Why is that? One reason is that many families have multiple vehicles to park. Another key driver is…

What Does a Metal Building Warranty Cover?

Metal Buildings Are Tough; Steel Buildings Are Even Tougher Wood isn’t the only way to frame or cover a building these days; in fact, it isn’t even the best way. Metal construction offers a long list of advantages over stick builds, starting with the fact that metal is more moisture-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant. But which material makes the most sense when you’re shopping for metal buildings for sale? Aluminum can…

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