Essential RV & Camper Storage Tips for Offseason Protection

A pull-behind camper, motorhome, or RV isn’t just a vehicle. It’s an amazing combination of both home and automobile that allows you to travel to places you might not have had access to otherwise, with lodging included! But now that we’re entering the offseason, it’s important to prep and store your RV properly so that it will be ready to go once you’re ready to return to the open road.…

Tips for Keeping Your Metal Garage Warm and Toasty in Winter

What’s in Store for Winter 2023-24? It’s way too early to make any type of accurate long-range forecast, but signs point toward the South and Southeast receiving more snowfall than normal this winter. After three years of La Niña patterns, El Niño is back in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and that usually results in below-average temperatures and higher snow chances around Carport Central’s home base of operations in North Carolina.…

How Big Is a 3-Car Garage? 3-Car Garage Size & Dimensions

If you’ve got three vehicles you need to park and protect, installing a detached three-car garage is a great way to meet your needs. In fact, a metal garage is really an ideal storage solution for keeping your lawn & garden equipment, tools, recreational equipment, and most anything else you can think of.But which 3-car garage dimensions will suit your needs best? That’s a great question, and one you absolutely…

How Big Is a 2-Car Garage? 2-Car Garage Dimensions

Got two vehicles you need to protect and keep safe? A detached two-car garage can be a perfect solution. A metal garage is also an ideal place for storing lawn & garden equipment, tools, recreational equipment, and any number of items you no longer have room for inside your home.   But which 2-car garage dimensions make the most sense for you? That’s an important question to ask, and the…

How Big Is a 1-Car Garage? 1-Car Garage Dimensions

When a metal garage shopper asks about 1-car garage dimensions, it usually means one of two things: You have a single vehicle you need to protect. You have some designated items you need to shelter and store within the space offered by a typical single-car garage.   Of course, it could also be both/and. Perhaps you have a car or truck you need to park, and you also have a…

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