Prefab Metal Buildings

Why Cold-Formed Steel Is Quite Possibly the Perfect Building Material

  As far as many residential and commercial building projects go, wood is still the gold standard of building material, right? Wrong! Cold-formed steel is stronger and more durable, while also being more flexible. When you get right down it, there’s really a lot to like about cold-formed steel for numerous framing, roof, and wall paneling applications. Codes & standards development for cold-formed steel Cold-formed steel usage as a building…

Give Your Custom Metal Building a Lift

While metal garages continue to grow in popularity across America, perhaps you need more than just a place to be able to park your vehicles. Maybe you also need some dedicated space for working on vehicles, too. Having a garage with lift space is a nice bonus for homeowners, and it’s an absolute necessity for commercial auto repair shops. Whether the custom steel building you need is intended for personal…

U.S. Hurricanes Increase the Demand for Stronger Buildings

Hurricane season always proves difficult for those who live on the coast, as well as those who live inland depending on the severity of the storm. And with climatic conditions worsening globally, hurricanes and other storms are becoming even more severe. With these storms causing even more issues, the demand for durable steel buildings is increasing greatly. Three Different Types of Storms  There are several types of storms that could…

Modifying Your Metal Buildings Roofline

Metal structures have become the go-to solution for various reasons, including their affordability, durability, and overall reliability. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand their company or a homeowner needing more storage space on their property, these custom structures are perfect for most anything. These prefab metal buildings can be customized in a variety of ways, including their roofs. And despite popular belief, there are a number of ways…

Why Light-Gauge Steel Buildings are Perfect for California

With all the extreme threats from Mother Nature that California residents and businesses have to face on what seems like a regular basis, it pays to choose a building material that’s truly resilient and durable. Many assume that when it comes to low-rise or mid-rise buildings, wood is still the framing material of choice. But if you’re making that assumption, you’d be wrong! Cold-formed steel is amazingly durable, reliable, AND…

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