24x30 Prefab Garage Building

  Even though ride-sharing and walkable developments are on the rise, most Americans still want a garage. A garage is a great solution for housing and protecting your vehicle, but many today like using their garage as a catch-all space for storing items they no longer have room for in their home. And more and more people are finding creative uses for their garage space that goes beyond simply parking a car or…

Why You Should Order a Metal Building

  Steel buildings are all the rage these days. From the city to the suburbs to the countryside, you’ll see folks using them for many purposes, ranging from farm to residential, and from carports to workshops. While there are a ton of online dealers, you should trust the biggest and the best – Carport Central. We offer the best customer experience, and we save you money and frustration. Many companies in the Carolinas…

30x50 Metal Building

A prefabricated metal building from Carport Central makes perfect sense at any size, for its many custom options. These metal buildings are designed with premium-quality galvanized steel, making them sturdy and versatile structures to shelter all your belongings from the elements. Our metal buildings are unaffected by termites, won’t harbor mold or mildew, and require very little maintenance. Today we’re featuring this 30’×50’ metal building. This building has a vertical roof, which is the best…

40x40 Prefab Garage

Built with passion and pride! Carport Central’s engineered steel buildings are known for their inherent durability and strength. These low-maintenance garage buildings are custom designed to fulfill location-specific requirements. We can meet your region-specific building code and certification requirements, and our metal buildings come with a wide range of customization options to offer you the perfect flexibility of use. Our color chart has 18 different colors to help you create a perfect match with your…

Utility Building - 24x40

Metal utility buildings offer an attractive solution to the storage needs of people looking for a strong and durable building to accommodate their cars, trucks and other vehicles. They also provide additional storage for tools, extra “stuff” that won’t fit in your house, or just some space for a small hobby shop. Carport Central is the leader in providing perfect utility combo buildings for such needs. Today’s feature is our top-selling custom utility…

45x 101x 16 Commercial Building

Carport Central is the nation’s largest volume dealer of metal buildings working tirelessly to bring you the best prices on metal buildings of all sizes and every application. Here we have pictured a multi-purpose STEEL BUILDING that is ideal for Auto dealerships, repair shops, farm equipment storage, heavy construction equipment repair shops, workshops and in many others. The applications for this huge metal building are limited only by your imagination. Buy this 45x101x16…

Extensions in Metal Building

Your metal carport, garage or other metal building may have served its purpose when you first purchased it, but as your needs change and the number of belongings you have increases, you may find your needs changing. You might require additional space or want the structure to act as a workspace. With an extension or add-on, you can transform your carport or garage into the space you desire. Extension in Metal Carports and Enclosed…

Red Iron Buildings vs Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Outdoor buildings have lots of uses for both residential and industrial establishments. One of the amazing features of these structures is their versatility. An outdoor structure such as a garage can be used for many other purposes other than car storage and as a repair center. This makes investing in outdoor buildings a wise decision for both homeowners and business establishments. Here are some of the applications of outdoor buildings and structures:  …

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