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Prefab Metal Buildings

Standing Strong Against Hurricanes with Steel Buildings

Hurricanes Are Getting Worse, But Steel Buildings Continue to Stand strong Hurricanes are known to leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and the trends are pointing towards hurricane season getting even worse over time. The 2020 hurricane season was the most active season on record; it came to a cataclysmic close with Hurricane Iota ripping through Central America as a strong Cat 4 storm in mid-November! As storms…

Why Steel Buildings Are Really The Most Economical Choice

Steel Is a Fantastic Construction Material You must at least be considering the possibility of going with a metal building, or else you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article in the first place. So let’s start by congratulating you for being a progressive thinker! Sure, you could be like a lot of people and just settle for a wood-framed building because you don’t know any better. But clearly you’re…

Metal Building Insulation: How It Can Get Wet Before Installation & Ways to Prevent That from Happening

The walls are going up, and the foundation anchors are in place, everything is looking great - that is until the sky clouds over. Thunder rumbles, and a flash storm scatters the installation crew from your installation site. The storm disappears as quickly as it came, and then the crew gets back to work. All is well until they realize that the metal building insulation got wet during the storm.…

Metal Building Codes & Building Permits – Things to Know

Getting a brand-new prefab metal building is exciting. However, we have to talk about something that most customers don’t find exciting at all - building codes and permits. These permits and codes are often confusing and overwhelming. There’s no need to worry about that, though! Here at Carport Central, we want to make sure you understand your metal building from start to finish. That means we want you to understand…

Why 12-Gauge Steel is a Better Material for Metal Carports & Metal Buildings

When it comes to a durable and dependable option to protect your vehicles, metal carports are hands down the best solution. Traditionally, metal buildings have 14-gauge steel framing and 29-gauge steel roof paneling. But did you know that there’s an even more protective option than what comes standard? There is, and we offer it at Carport Central! At Carport Central, you have the option to get extra reliable 12-gauge metal…

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