Reality Of Discounted Buildings

Beware of “Discount” Metal Buildings & Dealers

I have a confession to make. I hate shopping. It’s not that I won’t shop for something I need – I will shop when necessary – it’s just that I don’t particularly enjoy it. Some people love shopping for shopping’s sake, even if they’re not necessarily looking to buy anything. That’s not me. For me, shopping is more of a “have to” than a “want to.” I don’t like to…

The Three D’s of Discounted Metal Buildings - Disservice, Delays & Diminished Value

  Metal building dealers are a dime a dozen, and more seem to pop up every day.  How do you sift through all the noise to decide where to go to take your hard-earned business? Because there are so many dealers clamoring for your dollar, the market has become more clouded than ever.  Many dealers are responding by trying to lure customers in with 5% and 10% discounts.  While everyone…

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