Metal Building Homes

Turn a Metal Barn into Your Own Barndominium

If you’re looking to build, think metal building homes Tired of renting? Need a permanent place that will give your family the space it needs to live well, and be able to grow? Then get yourself a nice patch of land, and consider all the possibilities of choosing metal buildings with living quarters. Can metal barns with living quarters really be a good solution for you? Absolutely. You likely already…

What Does It Cost to Build a Metal Building Home?

Is a Metal Building Home Really a Viable Option? Perhaps you’ve already become a seasoned fan of barndominiums. Or you may be new to the concept and don’t really know what a barndo is. Either way, we’re here to tell you that, yes, a metal building home really is a thing, and it’s also a very good thing! The fact of the matter is that Carport Central has designed, delivered,…

How Carport Central Engineering Is Different: Risk Cat II Building Applications

We’ve talked before about how cold-formed steel is really a perfect building material and how there are specific codes and standards in place for how light-gauge steel buildings are engineered and constructed in general. But you should also know that it doesn’t just stop there. You’re probably already aware that steel structures make perfect carports, garages, barns, storage sheds, workshops, and warehouses. Even so, those aren’t the only ways you…

Barndominiums: The Present & Future of Residential Building Design

Enter the Barndo Are you a seasoned “barndo” fan? Or perhaps you’re not yet familiar with the term “barndominium.” Either way, barndominium homes continue to trend and are becoming wildly popular across the U.S. The barndominium craze first took off in Texas several years ago, but that momentum has now carried around the Southwest, Midwest, and Southeast, among other areas. If you’re new to the topic, a barndominium or barndo…

Steel-Framed Homes: Style, Personality, & Performance

  Metal homes aren’t a new idea; they’ve actually been around for well over a century. But steel-framed homes continue to become more popular all across America today, and for good reason. What makes a steel home a better choice? We’ll explore that topic in more detail with this blog; keep reading to learn more! Reasons to Build a Home with Steel Why consider building a home from steel components,…

Useful Steel Building Tips
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