8 Practical, Creative Uses for Metal Garages

By Mark Hiatt   |   Posted In: Garages

Metal Garage

Many people see their garages as nothing more than a shelter for vehicles, or, in many cases, or an “overflow” storage space to stash extra stuff. But with metal garage buildings gaining popularity, a wide variety of customization options are now available.

With a high-quality steel garage, you are no longer limited to the confines of a traditional wooden garage. You can choose the size, shape, color, and more to create the perfect maintenance-free structure for your needs.


Surprising and Creative Uses for Steel Garages


Whether you are into woodworking, auto repair, or anything in between, you can customize a metal garage for the perfect-sized workspace. And as your interests or business grows, your garage can easily and inexpensively grow with you!

Guest House

In need of a place for family members when they come to visit? How about the garage!? You could customize your metal garage (or a portion of it) into an insulated, cozy guest space for visitors, complete with all the luxuries of any home.

Music or Art Studio

Do you need a quiet, secluded place to find inspiration for your next work of art? A metal garage may be just what you need to get those creative juices going without interruptions. Customize your building with sound panels for better sound or you could even add windows for some natural light.

Man Cave (or She Shed)

Looking for a place to escape to when things get hectic? Now you can hang out with the guys and watch sports, play cards, or just get away without leaving your property! A steel garage can provide you with a comfortable oasis that you may decorate with your favorite recliner, big-screen TV, and mini fridge for your favorite choice of beverage.  And ladies, it also works great as a She Shed!

Garage Apartment

Steel garage buildings can be used as a one-bedroom apartment or just an extra bedroom. No matter the circumstance at hand, metal garages give you the ability to build an affordable, hassle-free structure.

Home Office

By working from the comfort of your home, you can avoid the extra costs of having a separate physical location for your office by transforming your garage, or part of it, into a home office. Now you have a great place to interact with customers without bringing them into your home!

Home Brewery

You can now create your very own micro-brewery inexpensively with a small metal garage! If you are handy, you can even purchase a steel garage kit and do your own installation for only a fraction of the cost.

Poolside Cabana

A metal garage beside your pool area can perform a wide variety of purposes. Got kids? Poolside metal garages provide a great place to stash their pool gear and give them a handy place to change in and out of their swim gear, without creating a wet mess in your house.

If you do a lot of hosting, take your pool party or backyard barbecue to the next level by decking out your metal garage with a canopy in the front to create a bar atmosphere or patio experience. You can even install a hot tub that can be enjoyed year-round!

With metal garage prices being significantly lower than wooden structures, it is now possible to get a high-quality, hassle-free steel garage for just about any budget. Customization options for a new metal garage are endless, so you can bring your ideas to life!

Whatever your metal garage plans happen to be, we’ve got you covered. Carport Central has a wide variety of metal garages and metal garage kits for sale. Not sure what would work best for you? Give one of our knowledgeable building specialists a call at 980-321-9898 to explore all your options!


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