Best Guidelines for Sizing a New Metal Building

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Best Guidelines for Sizing a New Metal Building

What size metal building do you need? That’s a question every metal building buyer asks at some point, and it’s important for you to be able to land upon the right answer.

Many assume that all prefab metal buildings come in predetermined sizes, but nothing could be further from the truth. While some metal building sizes are certainly more popular than others, there really aren’t any “standard” sizes when it comes to a custom metal building kit. Each steel building provided by Carport Central is designed and fabricated to meet whatever specifications you dictate. And because pre-engineered metal buildings are self-supporting structures, your options are wide-open when it comes to deciding your interior floor plan, too. With a clear-span steel structure like those you can get from Carport Central, the details of both the exterior and interior are really up to you!

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Metal Building Size

Are you someone who’s currently asking yourself what size of metal building do I need? If so, you’ve definitely landed on the right page! Here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing metal building sizes:

1. How many vehicles or other large items

How many vehicles or other large items do you intend to store in your metal building? Start here. If you plan on housing multiple vehicles or other large items, then you’ll certainly need to plan to install a larger building. Build in enough space between your vehicles and other large equipment, too. You don’t want to bang into a vehicle or other stationary item every time you decide to open a car door.

2. What type of vehicles or other large items

The kinds of vehicles or other items you need to house will also help determine your needed metal building dimensions. There are some “standard” sizes for 1-car, 2-car, and 3-car garages you can use as a measuring stick, but you can always choose to go even wider and longer with your building, especially if you have more things in mind than just a vehicle parking.

3. How tall are your vehicles or other large items

Item height matters because you’ll want to make sure your metal building has enough height clearance to accommodate the tallest item. Popular starting heights for metal buildings range between 8 and 10 feet, but you can also opt to go much taller. The best way to avoid any potential problems is to choose a metal building plan with height clearance to spare.

4. How you plan to use your metal building in the short term

Exactly how do you plan to use your metal building right away? Think about the vehicles and equipment you’ll need to store, including cars, trucks, RVs, boats, tractors, equipment, tools, and other items. Looking for a utility building which combines fully-enclosed space with open-air coverage? Carport Central has you covered. And any metal building you choose is fully customizable.

5. How you might use your metal building in the long run

If you’re thinking about adding to your vehicle fleet or anticipate any additional storage needs down the road, it’s best to go ahead and get a metal building that’s big enough to grow with you. Choosing a larger metal building now will save you the expense of having to plan for a second, potentially expensive building add-on later.

Double Garage with Lean-to

Popular Metal Building Sizes

Some metal building buyers know exactly what building dimensions they want when they contact us. If that’s you, we can absolutely work with that!

But many times, our customers are initially somewhat unsure about which size dimensions will be best to meet their particular needs. If you fall into that category, we’re here to help! We’ll take the time to listen to your desired storage needs and intended uses for your new steel structure, and then we’ll work with you to help you land upon the right metal building that will be the best fit for your needs AND your budget!

Here are a few of our more popular metal building sizes for your reference:

→ 30’x40′ Metal Buildings

Commonly used as a multi-car garage, barn, or smaller facility for use as a retail or commercial space

→ 30’x50′ Metal Buildings

Nice option for storing both vehicles and other personal items; also ideal for many small business operations

→ 40’x40′ Metal Buildings

Good for housing multiple vehicles or RVs, also commonly used for commercial garage or farm building applications

→ 40’x50′ Metal Buildings

We’ve seen this building size be used for everything from storage space, to equipment shelters, to restaurants, to metal building homes and barndominiums

→ 40’x60′ Metal Buildings

This is a popular building configuration that’s popular with rural landowners, small business operators, farmers, and ranchers

→ 50’x50′ Metal Buildings

These make great man caves, she sheds, office spaces, retail storefronts, greenhouses, catch-all storage buildings, and more

→ 50’x60′ Metal Buildings

Ideal for many farm and business applications, and also work well for school or church applications

→ 50’x80′ Metal Buildings

Commonly used as restaurants, bakeries, auto service centers, and manufacturing facilities

→ 50’x100′ Metal Buildings

This is a great option if you need divided space for both customer & retail areas in the front, and production & storage in the back

→ 60’x50′ Metal Buildings

These are popular for farm and commercial usage and can also be custom-designed as 3000-square-foot homes

→ 60’x60′ Metal Buildings

A versatile solution for your warehouse needs, agricultural operations, commercial needs, and more

→ 60’x100′ Metal Buildings

These buildings are big, and they offer a ton of space for all sorts of retail, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications

Why Choose a Steel Building?

There are lots of reasons to like a strong, rugged, fully-customizable steel building. For starters, they’re incredibly resistant in the face of weather threats, moisture threats, and pest threats. And a steel structure isn’t just durable, it’s also versatile. You can divide up and use your interior space any way you like. Steel is naturally incombustible as well, so you’ll also enjoy much better fire protection than with a stick build. Would you also prefer to have the option to be able to expand your building down the road? It’s much easier to do so with a steel building than it is with a wood-framed building.

Get Your Best Metal Building Solution from Carport Central!

Purchasing a custom metal building is a significant investment, but it’s also an investment that will deliver some great ROI for decades to come. It’s also important to partner with a metal building dealer who offers the best steel structures that are supported by the best possible customer service. And that’s exactly what Carport Central delivers! The BBB consistently gives us its highest A+ rating, and our customers have left us scores of glowing reviews on Google and Facebook, too.

Carport Central does more than simply sell metal buildings; we’re really about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, just give us a call today at (980) 321-9898.

We invite you to experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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