BIG Sheds for BIG Needs – Heavy-Duty Metal Sheds for Storage and More!

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BIG Sheds for BIG Needs – Heavy-Duty Metal Sheds for Storage and More!


Creaky Little Backyard Sheds Can Be Downright Creepy

Smaller backyard sheds are convenient for keeping items like push mowers, weed-eaters, garden tools, and lawn ornaments. I know my dad sent me out to fetch something from our little shed hundreds of times when I was a kid! It was a creaky little aluminum shed equipped with sliding doors that you could hardly open, and that made a purely awful screeching noise when you tried! The shed wasn’t particularly well-built, it was always dark inside (no matter what time of day), and it always seemed to stay damp. I got to the point where I really dreaded being sent out to the shed; it was more than a little creepy, and I was sometimes afraid of what I might find once I was able to screech that door open! Creepiness aside, it just wasn’t that great of a shed, but I suppose it was better than simply leaving our stuff out in the great wide open.

Sometimes, You Really Need to Go Bigger and Better

A little shanty of a shed may be OK for storing certain items of low value, but it really won’t cut it if you need more storage space, or if the security of your items is a matter of importance to you. Thanks to modern technology and better building materials, there is now a wide array of large, heavy-duty metal sheds available to meet all sorts of needs. These rugged steel sheds can be designed in widths of anywhere from 40′ to 70′, and can even be made much wider than that by adding attached lean-to structures. They can also be engineered to meet any length or height requirements you may have. If a little wood or aluminum shed really can’t do what you need it to do, then a large metal storage shed can! And no one provides a better selection of custom steel sheds than Carport Central!

Large Steel Sheds Carry Lots of Advantages

What’s so great about a large steel storage shed? Pretty much everything! Here are just a few benefits offered by choosing a steel shed structure:

  • The Strength of Steel – A large shed framed with 14-gauge or 12-gauge steel is simply stronger and more reliable than any comparable aluminum or wooden shed. Each galvanized steel component is engineered to exact specifications, and these buildings are really designed to last.
  • Quick to Install – Because every steel component is precision-engineered, measured, and fabricated for each custom building in a dedicated manufacturing facility ahead of time, delivery and installation is a much simpler process than with other comparable buildings. So not only is your building stronger, it goes up faster, too.
  • Unmatched Ruggedness and Resilience – Steel sheds don’t rot like wood and can better the challenges of weather and regular use. Steel isn’t threatened by termites, pests, mold, or mildew. Steel is also inflammable, so it provides much better fire protection. A well-built and well-installed large metal storage shed is likely to last you a lifetime!
  • Versatile and Customizable – A large steel shed is completely customizable for whatever you need now, and a steel building gives you more options for expansion or adaptation in the future. Steel buildings are easier to take care of too, and require much less maintenance than buildings made from other materials.

Large Metal Shed – A Multitude of Storage and Other Applications

When it comes to the many applications for a large metal shed, there really are no limits. Obviously they’re great for storing larger items, but they’re also great facilities for simply getting things done. Here are a few ways you can use one of these multipurpose structures:

  • Enclosed garage for all your personal vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, or whatever you drive
  • Secure shelter for larger vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, boats, campers, buses, or trailers
  • A great place to keep all your lawn, garden, and recreational equipment, including riding mowers, ATVs, bikes, scooters, and any and all manner of sports equipment
  • Don’t just keep stuff, do stuff! Large metal sheds make great workshops, hobby barns, man caves, she sheds, home office space, or even finished living space!
  • Uses for extra large sheds aren’t limited to residential applications – they’re also perfect for farm and agricultural storage, including tractors, combines, crops, seed, and hay
  • Also make fantastic horse barns, livestock barns, poultry houses, and shelters for dogs or other pets
  • Warehouse for large equipment or machinery
  • Any number of commercial, retail, or industrial applications

Get Your Large Metal Shed from Carport Central!

Purchasing your own large custom metal shed is a significant investment, so we understand you want to make sure that you get the best available product, backed by the best customer service. Here are some reasons why Carport Central is your clear choice for custom steel structure solutions:

  • No one offers a better selection of light-gauge steel structures than Carport Central – we partner with the best American manufacturers, and we serve nearly the entire continental United States.
  • Can’t find the exact building you need? Just use our powerful, user-friendly 3D Building Designer to draw up your OWN ideal metal shed in minutes, accessible from ANY computer, tablet, or smartphone!
  • Delivery and installation is INCLUDED in all of our service areas across the country, at no extra charge!
  • We believe in our products, and that’s why we provide industry-leading warranties, including a 20-year framing warranty, a 10-year paneling warranty, and a 1-year overall workmanship warranty. Most other metal building dealers won’t include a workmanship warranty that lasts beyond 90 days!
  • Can’t afford to pay for it all up front? We offer preferred financing options to help you be able to get the large metal shed you need, that will also work within your budget.
  • Carport Central provides the best customer experience and customer service you’ll find anywhere; the BBB gives us its highest A+ rating!

At Carport Central, we don’t just sell metal buildings; We Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life. Reach out to us online, or give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and let us show you the Carport Central difference!


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