Can a Steel Building Really Add Value to My Home? Answers to 7 Most Popular FAQs

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Can a Steel Building Really Add Value to My Home

Steel Really Is a Fantastic Construction Material

You’re probably already considering the possibility of adding metal storage buildings, metal sheds, metal garages, or some other steel structure to your property. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this page to begin with. So, first of all, congratulations on being a progressive thinker and a smart shopper!


While many people may just settle for choosing a wood-framed building by default, you know better. Wood just doesn’t match up to steel in terms of its many features and advantages for modern construction. Read on to learn more about why choosing steel is a smart move, and about how a steel building can add value to your home and property.


What’s Better About Steel Storage Buildings and Storage Sheds?

How does light-gauge steel tubing and paneling work? It all starts with cold-formed steel that’s pressed into forming specific building components. This galvanized steel material makes for very strong (yet lightweight) framing, headers & trusses, roof panels, wall panels, and more.


Construction-grade steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other commonly available building material. It’s strong and dimensionally stable, flexible, and requires less material for construction. This means it takes less time and labor to put up steel outdoor storage sheds, too.


In addition, there’s very little construction site waste produced. All custom steel building components are prefabricated, premeasured, and precut in a dedicated manufacturing facility. Once these materials arrive on site, they’re ready-made for installation! This makes the construction process go so smoothly that you can even decide to take it on as a personal DIY project. Custom metal building kits can be designed and manufactured to match your exact specifications and preferences for your new building.


FAQs About the Real Value of Steel Buildings

Can adding a metal storage building or other steel structure add value to your home and property? Absolutely. Here are 6 of the most common questions we receive about how a metal building can add value at Carport Central:


1. What are some benefits of adding a custom metal building?

If you need a protected space for parking your vehicles, there’s really no better solution than a metal garage. Got more stuff than you have room to keep inside your house? A metal storage building can be designed to handle all of your overflow storage needs. And metal buildings are great for other multipurpose applications, too.


2. How much value will a metal garage add to my property?

Some of that will depend upon the size, design, and customizations included in your metal building. But either way, a metal garage will boost your property value. A study from Florida State University found that the presence of a garage increased a home’s value by an average of 13% in comparison with homes that had no garage.


3. How long does it take to install a steel building?

Much less time than it takes to construct a pole barn or stick build! While wood-framed structures often take weeks or months to construct, most steel buildings can be installed in just a day or two. If you need your building sooner than later, then a steel structure is really the best way to go.


4. What types of custom steel buildings are available?

Metal carports and metal garages are some of the most popular, but those only scratch the surface in terms of what’s now available. There are also metal barns, agricultural metal buildings, commercial metal buildings, metal sheds, lean-tos, and even barndominiums and metal building homes. If you can dream it, Carport Central can provide it!


5. Which custom metal building is best for me?

The answer really lies in the question. Since these are custom metal buildings, they can be designed, manufactured, and installed to meet your exact specifications. Whether you need garage space, storage space, workspace, living space, office space, or something else, there’s a custom metal building solution for that.


6. What does a custom metal building cost?

That will really depend on the size and design of your building, the gauges of steel framing and paneling you choose, and which other building customizations you decide to include. But while construction costs have risen in general, a custom steel structure from Carport Central is still your most cost-effective option. And not only is a steel building made to be long-lasting, but it also requires much less maintenance than a stick build.


7. What about metal building financing?

You’ve got some great options there too, including both traditional financing and rent-to-own programs. Carport Central offers the best metal building financing and RTO plans in the business, and we even offer a metal building home mortgage loan option for structures you plan to finish as residential space.


Looking to Add Some Value to Your Home and Property? Look to Carport Central!

Looking for the best building solution to add value to your home and property? Purchasing a custom metal building is one of the best investments you can make. Just make sure you choose the right metal building provider who can best take care of your needs!


Carport Central is your one-stop shop for custom steel buildings of any size, shape, design, or application, whether for residential, farm, business, or industrial use. Nobody beats our metal building engineering, nobody beats our metal building customization options, and nobody matches our level of personalized customer service.


Got questions? Ready to get started? Give one of our friendly building specialists a call today at (980) 321-9898. We can get exactly what you want in a custom metal building, and we can help you find the best way to afford the custom metal building you need.


Carport Central is about more than just selling steel structures. We’re here to provide shelter for your way of life! At Carport Central, What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us.


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