Can You Take Me Higher? Clear Span Steel Buildings for Personal Aviation

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Can You Take Me Higher - Clear Span Buildings for Aviation

Next to marrying his wife, Winnie, and deciding on a professional career in golf, there’s only one decision Arnold Palmer considered to be smarter: learning how to fly an airplane ( As poet Gary Claud Stokor noted in “Impressions of a Pilot,” Flight is freedom in its purest form … For each of us is created to die / And within me I know / I was born to fly.

Only a small fraction of the world’s population knows the thrill of piloting your own vessel in the air. If you’re one of the few who’s been behind a joystick, then you live in rarefied air, indeed. But if you own or are thinking of purchasing your own aircraft, part of your budgeting process needs to include how you intend to house your aircraft when you’re not soaring through the wild blue yonder.

Clear Span Metal Buildings for Aviation

Having some sort of hangar for providing shelter is one of the necessary fixed costs of aircraft ownership. Whether you fly a private jet, small prop, twin prop, crop duster, glider, or helicopter, you need somewhere secure to protect your investment. Many flyers just opt to rent hangar space at the closest airport – not because it’s the most convenient option, but perhaps because they are unaware of the real, affordable options they have for installing a secure hangar on their OWN property. Clear-span metal buildings are a perfect solution for sheltering small aircraft of all varieties!

Benefits of Sheltering Your Aircraft with Your Own Clear Span Steel Structure

  • Reliable way to shelter your personal aircraft from the elements
  • You can also opt to fully-enclose your building to further protect your aircraft from theft or vandalism
  • Dedicated space not just for housing your aircraft, but for performing routine maintenance as well
  • There’s no need to drive across town every time you need to get to your aircraft, when you can securely store it on your own property!
  • Clear-span steel buildings from Carport Central are more affordable than you think!

 Benefits of Owning a Clear Span Metal Building

Light-gauge steel buildings are more flexible and adaptable than more traditional wood or iron structures, and there are other advantages as well:

  • Cost-Effective – Depending on the dimensions and customizations you choose, a steel building can be cheaper to build. Steel is also much easier to clean and requires less maintenance than stick-builds or other comparable structures. And since the colors are infused into the metal during the fabrication process, you won’t have to worry with peeling paint or premature color fading issues.
  • Durable – Steel buildings don’t rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and extreme weather conditions, including high winds, rain, lightning, and snow.
  • Pest, Fire, & Earthquake Resistant – Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or other pests, and it won’t harbor mold, mildew or moss. Steel isn’t flammable either, so it also provides better protection from wildfires. And while no building is 100% earthquake-proof, the properties of light-gauge steel framing provide much more flexible strength during seismic activity than most other building materials.
  • Customizable – The versatility of steel allows for more complex architectural designs. With no need for interior columns or supports, steel structures offer more usable clear-span interior space as well. Clear-span metal buildings can be designed big enough to house any oversized vehicles, including aircraft. It’s also easier to expand or adapt a clear-span metal buildings as your space needs grow, too.
  • Less Expensive to Insure – Thanks to superior strength, durability, and resistance to the elements, your insurance costs may be reduced if you choose a clear-span steel building over other options.
  • Multipurpose Usage – If you choose to install a clear-span metal building to house your personal aircraft, you’re not limited to using it just as a hangar. Perhaps you’re also a car collector who needs a place to store vintage autos and motorcycles out of the weather. Or maybe you’d just like to have some dedicated workshop space, or space to enjoy some of your favorite hobbies. Clear-span commercial metal buildings can be used for all these purposes, and more!

Why Choose Carport Central for Your Clear Span Steel Structure?

Carport Central understands that purchasing a steel structure is a significant investment in itself, and it’s also one of the wisest investments you can make for protecting your other significant investments. We work hard every day to make sure our customers are getting the right product at the right price with the excellent customer service in the industry. Carport Central does business differently; consider these features that set us apart from the rest:

  • We’re the largest online dealer of metal structures in the nation, serving nearly the entire continental United States
  • We partner with only the best local and regional manufacturers, to ensure you get the best-possible quality building, AND that you get it on time
  • Cutting-edge 3D Building Designer which enables you to easily design and customize your ideal metal structure, accessible from any computer or smart device
  • A full team of friendly, well-trained building specialists who start by LISTENING to you, and then walk alongside you every step of the way
  • Delivery and installation of your custom metal building INCLUDED with purchase
  • Personalized customer service that begins when you first reach out to us, and extends well beyond the sale

Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal building; we’re about Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life. Check us out online, or give us a call at (980) 321-9898, and let us show you the Carport Central difference


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