Customize Your Metal Barn to Your Needs and Specifications

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Customize your Barn

Are you in the market for a new customized steel barn? Carport Central offers a wide variety of steel barns which you can customize to fit your needs. Steel is a smart, economical option as these metal barns are durable, strong, and virtually maintenance-free for years! Now comes the fun part—customizing that new barn to your specifications. To do this, it’s important to know exactly what you want to use your barn for. Metal barns offer a variety of functions, including housing animals, storing feed and equipment, providing a sheltered workspace, and much more. Here are some popular barn ideas to help you decide:



Fully Enclosed BarnBarn with Fully Enclosed Sides and Ends

A classic – a fully enclosed barn is not only very popular, but also the most secure barn you can choose. Due to its protection from the elements, this barn is also very helpful during cold weather. The enclosed barn can be equipped with windows, walk-in doors, and large garage doors, depending on your preferences!


Barn with One Lean-ToBarn with One Lean-To

This barn has one fully enclosed side and one open lean-to. The full enclosure provides secure storage and a sheltered area, while the open lean-to building provides shade or a nice open-air workspace for you.


Barn with Open CenterBarn with Two Enclosed Lean-To Sides and Open Center:

This type of steel barn features fully enclosed lean-to sides with roll-up garage doors on one end and a fully open center section. This open center makes it easy to drive through the building to drop off supplies, or just to shelter vehicles and equipment.





All-open-BarnBarn with Open Center and Two Open Lean-To Sides

Ideal for mild conditions, this barn can provide shelter from sun or rain and is easily accessible for your animals and equipment.



Horse BarnBarn with Open Center on One End and Enclosed Lean-To Sides

This metal barn style offers the convenience of an open center for easy access, and enclosed lean-to sides for weather-tight protection for your animals and possessions.


Barn with Enclosed Center and Open Lean-To Sides

Secure valuable equipment with an enclosed center that has a roll-up garage door and two open lean-to sides.  This barn is perfect for keeping vehicles and equipment out of the elements while providing a nice open-air workspace or a shady spot for your animals.

There are unlimited customization options available for a quality steel barn, based on your specific needs and preferences. You can even add additional walk-in doors for convenience, or windows to brighten up the enclosed areas of your barn. Carport Central has a wide variety of metal barns for sale that can be customized to fit your needs AND your budget! For a full list of available customization’s, contact us online or give us a call today at (980)321-9898 to speak with a friendly building specialist!


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