DripStop – The Ultimate Vapor Barrier Solution for Metal Buildings

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DripStop – The Ultimate Vapor Barrier Solution for Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings Are Incredibly Versatile Structures

Metal buildings are honestly one of the best additions you can make to your home or business property. You probably already know that metal carports and metal garages are great for parking and protecting your vehicles, but that only scratches the surface when it comes to helpful metal building applications. Steel buildings also make great barns for all sorts of agricultural uses, including keeping horses or livestock, storing crops & feed, and sheltering tractors & other farm equipment. Metal structures also make perfect workshops, office spaces, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and even residential barndominiums and metal building homes. Steel structures are known to be rugged, durable, weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant, and require very little in the way of ongoing maintenance.

Why Having a Vapor Barrier Matters for Metal Buildings

Because metal is a naturally conductive material when it comes to heat transfer, condensation formation can be an issue for uninsulated metal buildings. While many assume that condensation issues simply can’t be avoided when it comes to metal construction, that really isn’t the case at all.

If you’re planning to have an open-air metal carport or metal shelter installed, condensation really shouldn’t be much of an issue. As long as ambient air can flow freely both above and below your roof-only structure, condensation won’t have an opportunity to form underneath. But if you’re planning to install an enclosed metal building, then condensation is something you’ll want to think more about. And here’s the good news: condensation can be effectively prevented by making sure to have a quality vapor barrier installed.

30x51 Garage with 12x51 Lean-to

Vapor Barriers of the Past

In the past, the most common vapor barrier products for metal buildings were single-bubble and double-bubble insulation. Each product uses a layer (or layers) of air-wrapped bubbles to provide vapor barrier insulation, and each has its own pros and cons. Both do a fair job of helping to minimize condensation formation, but one caveat is that both also must be installed after your metal building has been put up.

Prodex is a more recent product that also serves as a vapor barrier. Prodex (and Prodex equivalents) isn’t a bubble wrap but rather is a reflective insulation application designed to help prevent radiant heat transfer and condensation formation. But as is the case with single-bubble and double-bubble vapor barriers, Prodex isn’t applied until after the metal building is installed. In other words, each of these vapor barrier solutions requires an additional contribution of skilled labor onsite, which also adds to the overall labor expense budget for your metal building installation.

DripStop – The Vapor Barrier of the Future

DR!PSTOP is different. It’s adhered to the metal paneling before it ever arrives at the job site, thus saving you both time and precious labor costs. This is one of the reasons why DripStop has become the world’s best-selling condensation control product. Because it comes pre-installed on metal, it’s both faster and more cost-effective. DripStop is also known to be a more durable solution than other traditional vapor barrier products.

How DripStop Works

As the outdoor temperature drops, moist air rises inside your building. Once the temperature reaches the dew point, that’s when condensation forms. The DripStop membrane is designed to trap any condensation that forms inside your building. Once the temperature rises again in the morning, DripStop simply releases this moisture back into the atmosphere. The result? No interior condensation and no moisture dripping!

Some of DripStop’s Notable Features and Benefits

One of the defining properties of any detached metal building is its ability to keep its contents safe from the elements. And to that end, DripStop really delivers. Here are some ways that DripStop helps to make your new metal building better:

  • Helps fight metal corrosion
  • Prevents nesting bird issues
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Durable, rip-resistant, and tear-resistant
  • Cuts down on required time for construction
  • Helps to reduce the risk of injury during installation
  • Saves money on installation costs
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Material is antimicrobial, mold-resistant, and mildew-resistant

Carport Central Is Now Proud to Offer DripStop Condensation Control

Metal roofing contractors have trusted DripStop for years, but up until now, DripStop hasn’t been widely available from metal building providers. Thankfully, Carport Central is all about innovation and providing metal building customers with the very best solutions, so we’re proud to say we now give you the option to add DripStop on any of our many metal building applications! To our knowledge, we’re the first major metal building provider to partner with DripStop, and we’re happy to make this great product innovation available to you.

If you’re in the market for a custom steel structure of any size, type, or application, the team of professionals at Carport Central has you covered! From metal carports to metal garages, RV covers, barns, storage sheds, workshops, warehouses, barndominiums, and metal building homes, we do it all. Plus, we deliver and install for NO extra charge in 46 states!

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At Carport Central, we don’t just sell metal buildings. We provide shelter for your way of life! Reach out to us online today, or for a faster response simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898 to speak with one of our friendly building specialists!

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