Build a Greenhouse Using a Metal Building

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Green Metal Building

With urban areas expanding and taking over more of Earth’s green space, more and more people are feeling the need to reconnect with nature. Maybe that’s one reason behind the rise in interest in personal gardening. A green house is a great way to act on such a need or desire; it allows you to grow a lot of different plants in a little space. It can also be a good way of cutting down food expenses, since you can grow some of your own fruits and vegetables!

The concept behind a greenhouse is simple – radiation from the sun enters the room through clear walls, and the insulated space traps the heat inside. This keeps the space warm year-round, making it an ideal place to grow a variety of plants.

When considering construction materials to use for a greenhouse, remember that metal is a good one to go with. Here is why:

  • It remains unaffected by weather conditions – it does not expand during monsoon neither does it crack or contract during warmer or colder months.
  • Metal frames and structures for green houses are better able to withstand wear and tear for longer periods of time than other materials.
  • Metal is also fire-resistant and is impervious to mold, mildew, termites, and other pests.

Building a Greenhouse

Here are the steps you need to follow-

  • A carport frame would be a great option to use for your greenhouse! The first thing to do is to measure the area of the space available for your greenhouse to occupy; this will determine the quantity of steel framing needed.
  • You can create the ground base with either concrete or timber, then attach the framing to the base. If your frame skeleton doesn’t seem sturdy enough, then you can use cross bracing techniques.
  • Once the structure is set, check for any protruding edges that could possibly tear the plastic sheeting. If you have an angle grinder, you can use it to rub the edges smooth. If you don’t, just tie a piece of cloth on the area as a cushion.
  • Now to seal the two ends of the structure; some people choose to fit a wood frame wall on either end of the structure. However, remember to make a space for your door. If you have an area big enough towards the top of the main frame, you could put in a skylight that would give you the option to allow some of the hot air inside to escape.
  • Use a 6-millimeter polyethylene plastic sheet to cover the entire greenhouse roof. You will need to roll the edges and put a pressure treated 2×4 firmly on the edge of the material. Keeping the wood slightly longer would enable you to secure the plastic at ground level too. This would allow you to partially roll up the plastic when it gets too hot inside, without having to open the greenhouse entirely. Depending on your budget, you can use the same polyethylene or poly-carbonate panels to close the ends.

The greenhouse components, including the frame, can also be reused and recycled if you choose to dismantle.
Although it is cost-effective and creative to build your own greenhouse from scratch, there are also greenhouse kits available. Here are Carport Central, we are happy to help you explore the options, and to help you choose a custom metal building that will fit your needs AND your budget! Check us out online or give one of our friendly building specialists a call today at (980) 321-9898.


  • Mark Hiatt

    Mark Hiatt brings over 20 years of commercial construction experience as a licensed engineer in NC, SC, and VA. Design-and-build is his specialty, and he serves both as a structural engineer for American Building Network and as an engineering consultant for Carport Central.

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