Health Issues in Your Lovable Pets Because of Snow

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Let’s be honest, many of us who have pets think of them as family rather than just a pet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Great Dane or a tiny hamster, they become full-fledged members of the family. We care about their well-being and happiness, doing all that we can to keep them safe and sound. And as the weather turns cold and wintery, there are a few hazards we need to be aware of that could affect our fur-babies.

Where Did That Warm Weather Go?

If you live anywhere in the country that has a cold and snowy climate, you might be one of those people who spend their time counting the days until warmer weather returns. Did you know that your pet may be doing the same if they spend a portion of their time outdoors? Cold air temperature can be harmful for most any animal that spends time outside.

Whether it’s your livestock, dogs, cats… any animal that spends time outdoors in frigid temperatures runs the risk of health issues similar to humans. If they live outside, you need to make sure that they have adequate shelter from the wind, rain, snow, and cold. But who wants to just do the bare minimum when we’re talking about a member of the family?

Using metal farm buildings from Carport Central can help you shelter your livestock and pets in a way that not only benefits them but is cost effective and adds value to your property. Metal buildings can be insulated and depending on the customizations you choose, can even be enclosed to offer additional protection from the elements.

Even if you don’t have livestock, Carport Central has other metal buildings that can provide shelter to your domestic pets as well. By having a metal shed added to your property, you’re also adding a designated area for your pets to be outside without being exposed to the elements directly. You can even customize your steel unit in ways that will blend seamlessly with your other property.

Snow and Ice are Not Friends to Our Pets

It’s important to make sure that your furry friends are not left out too long. You should also try to make sure that if they are left outside for too long, you have an area for them to stay that is snow and ice free. This will prevent further damage from happening to the pads of their feet.

Another hazard that our pets have to deal with in the winter is the corrosive nature of products that we use to fight the ice. Rock salt and other de-icing products can burn the pads of their feet. While they tend to be slightly more expensive, there are pet friendly products on the market that are safe for their paws.

Having a metal carport or steel garage offered by Carport Central can help in this instance too. If the space is protected from the ice and snow, you won’t need to use these harsh products on your driveway or walkways. Adding a lean-to or wall to the carport can also help keep the winds away.

Happiness is…

… a healthy, safe and secure pet. Our pets look to us for everything. They trust us without hesitation and love us no matter what we do, all of this simply because they love us. Make sure that when you’re bundling up to head outside this winter, you’re also taking that extra step to protect your furry friend.

You can also make sure your livestock or larger animals are safe and warm in a metal farm building or metal barn. Know that their hay, grain, and other supplies are right at hand in a storage lean-to that can be added to either side of the building. Even if they aren’t household pets, you can have peace of mind knowing your livestock will be nice and warm in their new home.

For your smaller pets, you could also try booties or simply make sure that when they are outside they are under the protection. Use pet-friendly products on walkways and driveways and minimize the length of time they are outside when the temperatures drop too low!

All of the experienced staff at Carport Central want your pets to be happy and healthy as much as you do, so call us today at (980) 321-9898 and find out how you can get a perfect shelter for your lovable pets.


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