How to Properly Assess Repairs for Your Metal Carport or Garage

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How to Properly Assess Repairs for Your Metal Carport or Garage

While steel carports and garages are an extremely durable option for most any residential and agricultural need, they sometimes require repairs. There are some cases where the necessary repairs will be covered under your warranty, but this is not always the case. In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the repairs you may need to make and how you can properly assess them.

When Are Repairs Needed?

Prefab metal garages and carports are specifically designed and built to withstand harsh weather conditions; however, that doesn’t mean they’ll never experience damages. Repairs may be necessary for the roof, walls, doors, windows, framing and other various components. We’ve listed a few scenarios below in which repairs may be necessary for your unit.

  • More often than not, roofs and walls require repairs after severe storms. Between dents from falling limbs, punctured paneling from flying items, paint damage from sun exposure, or hail damage, there are a number of repairs needed after storms.
  • If you did not certify your carport to withstand a certain wind speed or snow load, you may need to fix a roof that has caved in or framing that has blown over.
  • Very rarely, rust may appear on your steel carport or metal garage and if this occurs, repairs will need to occur as soon as possible. Due to the hot zinc coating on the metal framing and the color being infused during manufacturing, it’s rare that rust occurs.

How to Properly Assess Damages for Repairs?

Before you start working on your structure after it has been damaged, it’s important to properly assess the damages that have been made. These steps will help you properly assess repairs, know what you need to order and if you can fix the damages yourself or if you will need to hire a professional.

  • Make Inspections –After a severe thunderstorm, snowstorm, or harsh winds, you need to survey your metal building. This will help you indicate where damages have been made and how severe they are. You need to look for missing screws, dents, breaks in the paneling and other similar damages.
  • Take Note of Missing Pieces – During your inspection, you need to take notice of any pieces that have been severely damaged or completely removed. Once you’ve taken note of this, you can make a list of new pieces you will need for the repairs.
  • What Was the Cause? – You need to make sure you know what caused the damages to your structure. If the damages were caused by environmental elements, this could help you when purchasing new pieces to repair the prefab garage or carport.
  • Issues with Your Foundation – Some damages may not be as apparent as others, such as those made to the foundation of your structure. If your foundation has been damaged, there is a good chance you do not have a concrete base. For ground or gravel bases, heavy rain and flooding can often cause the ground to shift. If your foundation is damaged, the framing and paneling can become dislocated.
  • Human Interference – If damages have occurred and there was no storm or high winds, it’s possible that human interference caused them. This should definitely be taken into consideration if you aren’t the only person utilizing your structure.

Going with Carport Central for Prefab Garages and Carports

At Carport Central, we do so much more than just make sure you get the solution you need for your everyday life. If your current structure or one you’ve purchased from us has become damaged due to natural causes, we’re here to help in every way we can. Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898 to learn more about our collection of steel garages and metal carports. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect solution!


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