How to Turn a Metal Garage into a Metal Building Home

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How to Turn a Metal Garage into a Metal Building Home

Why Metal Building Homes Make Good Sense

For many of us, being able to build our own homes is an essential part of the American dream. The first part of making your dream a reality is securing some property on which to place your homestead. Once that’s taken care of, you’re now ready to enter into the realm of possibilities. And one of the best ways to turn your dream of owning your own home into a reality is with a metal homes approach.

Why are metal homes a better option? For starters, steel structures are known to be incredibly strong, durable, and weather-resistant. They also require very little in the way of ongoing maintenance, and can be customized any way you like. And steel garages that are intended to be finished as residential structures can be much more cost-effective to build per square foot than any comparable stick build.

Ready to start envisioning all the possibilities of turning new metal garages into bona fide metal building homes? Then read on!

Can a Metal Garage Really Be Turned into a Metal Building Home?

Absolutely! If you’re not familiar with metal barndominiums or other metal building homes, they are indeed a thing, and in fact, they’re a very good thing!

Carport Central has had the pleasure of designing, delivering, and installing metal building homes for property owners all over the country. What makes a steel-built home a better home? Honestly, lots of things.

• More affordable

With construction costs having risen in recent years, building prices are at a premium. Even so, it’s less expensive to build with steel. A steel tubing-framed home is typically around 30% cheaper to build than a comparable wood-framed home. And the larger your home design, the more you’ll save by choosing steel!

• Flexibility of design

With steel framing, you get spacious open interiors, and even high ceilings if you want them. There’s no need for any interior poles or support columns, either. Divide, customize, and personalize your floor plan however you like!

• Faster construction

Stick-built homes can take many months to construct, or longer. But metal home installation goes much faster, thanks to each individual steel building component coming pre-measured and pre-cut. You can even put up your custom metal building home kit yourself if you like!

• Better energy efficiency

This may surprise you, but a well-insulated metal home can be up to 40% more energy-efficient than a stick build. Steel framing is more dense and compact than wood, so there’s more available cavity space for filling with insulation. And that equates to lower heating & air costs.

• The strength of steel

Galvanized steel is more weather-resistant than wood, and it’s more pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and lightning-resistant too. For these reasons, a metal building home can be cheaper to insure, too.


Tips for Turning Your New Metal Garage into a Residential Building

1. What do you need in a custom metal building?

How do you plan to use your custom metal building exactly? Will it just be residential space, or do you want to include a garage too? Decide which parts of your building you want to finish out. What kinds of building customizations do you want to include? These are important questions to answer on the front end.

2. Choose your building design and dimensions

Barndominiums are popular, but you can also choose a metal garage-style building, or even create your own design. How much building space do you need? With Carport Central you can really go as big as you want in terms of square footage. Include some room to grow, too. It’s definitely more cost-effective to opt for a bigger building now, rather than having to foot the bill for a second building expansion down the road. Want to play around with your own building design? Head over to our handy 3D Building Design Tool!

3. Partner with the right metal building provider

Lots of metal building dealers sell carports and garages, but few specialize in providing metal buildings specifically engineered for residential human occupancy. Carport Central has been providing metal building homes for years, and we can get you exactly what you want and need.

4. Obtain local building permits

After placing your metal building order, you’ll need to obtain whatever permits are required in your area. Engineering plans are often necessary for metal building home permits; Carport Central can help you with that. We can also certify buildings for any required local wind and snow load ratings.

5. Get your site ready for install

First, make sure your site is level and cleared beforehand. Any groundwork or poured foundations will need to be completed with time to cure in advance of the scheduled installation.

6. Installation time

Seeing your metal building home go up is the fun part. As long as your site is ready to go, our professional installers will do all the heavy lifting. Depending on the size and design of your structure, most building installations can be finished in just a matter of a day or two. Then you’ll be ready to have your local contractors come in and finish getting your home move-in ready!

7. Final inspection

Your local building inspector will check everything to make sure it’s up to code, before giving a final sign-off. As long as you choose the right metal building provider, the inspection process usually goes smoothly. Carport Central has the best building specialists and engineers in the business, so you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

Carport Central Has You Covered!

Carport Central is the premier provider of custom steel tube framed homes in America. We serve 46 US states, and nobody beats our building engineering, customization options, or level of personalized customer service.

We’ve got you covered with metal building financing, too. Carport Central has THE BEST metal building financing solutions anywhere, including exclusive metal building home mortgage financing! Learn more online, or connect with us directly by calling (980) 321-9898 today! We invite you to experience the Carport Central difference: What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us.


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