Make a Clear Span Building the Home Base for Your Ecommerce Business

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Ecommerce Has Become BIG Business in America, and Around the World

While there is still no universally-accepted correct spelling for ecommerce (it also goes by Ecommerce, eCommerce, and e-commerce), one thing is for certain: electronic commerce is big business in America, and it’s grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Online shopping was actually pioneered by English inventor Michael Aldrich way back in 1979, but even he couldn’t have envisioned how much – and how quickly – ecommerce would grow. Amazon launched in 1995, and quickly became the benchmark of online shopping. Many others have come along to help grow and expand the ecommerce industry as well, including PayPal, Alibaba, Facebook, Stripe, Apple, and Google, among others.

Just how big is ecommerce nowadays? Here are a few stats and facts that should get your attention:

  • Nearly two billion people purchased goods or services online in 2019.


  • E-commerce sales were $870 billion in the US alone in 2021 – a 14.2% increase over 2021, and a 50.5% increase over 2019.


  • E-commerce represented 13.2% of all retail sales in the US in 2021. In China, e-commerce actually represents 46% of all retail sales!


  • The fastest-growing e-commerce sales categories in the US (over 200% growth) since 2019 include furniture, building materials, and electronics. Food, beverage, and grocery e-commerce have grown 170% over that same time period.


  • Other growing e-commerce categories include garden equipment, general merchandise, sporting goods, hobbies, musical instruments, health and personal care items, home furnishings, clothing, and motor vehicles & parts.


  • If it can be sold in a brick-and-mortar store, it can almost certainly now be sold online as well!


Why a Clear Span Metal Building is Perfect for Launching Your Ecommerce Business

All the eye-popping stats aside, we probably don’t need to sell you on the fact that ecommerce is both the present and future of retail business. If you didn’t already believe that, you probably never would’ve landed on this page in the first place! Why you’re really here, we suspect, is because you’ve recognized your need for a building solution to serve as a home base for your new (or current, and hopefully growing) ecommerce business enterprise. To that end, it’s hard to beat a clear span metal building from Carport Central for fabrication space, production space, warehousing space, and even finished office space!

80x81x16 Metal Garage Building

What Makes Commercial Metal Buildings Better

Commercial metal buildings have become a very popular building solution for all sorts of business needs, including retail, wholesale, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. The truth is that a commercial metal building can be custom-designed in a range of attractive styles to meet any number of particular needs. And thanks to the unique nature of steel tube framing, there really are no size limits when it comes to getting the clear span building you need.

Here are some of the other advantages that come along with choosing a steel building solution for your ecommerce business:

• Cost-effectiveness and investment value

Let’s start with building price, since that’s a capital concern for any business owner. Sure, you could rent some building space offsite, but being able to install your own building on your own property is a better way to build equity and also use the building however you like. It’s more convenient to have your own metal building right onsite, and a commercial steel building can be significantly cheaper to build per square foot than a building constructed with other materials.

• Rugged & dependable, and easy to maintain

Steel structures simply don’t rot like wood, and they’re better engineered for handling the stresses of commercial or industrial usage. A commercial metal building will also stand stronger in the face of natural threats like storms, wind, heavy precipitation, lightning, fire, and pests. Steel is a natural inhibitor to mold and mildew growth, too. In addition, a steel structure is very simple to clean and maintain.

• Less expensive to insure

Since steel is a strong, durable, and naturally incombustible construction material, most property insurers will give you a better rate on insuring a steel structure versus insuring a stick build, or a structure built with other materials.

• Completely customizable interior

This is another key point that sets a commercial metal building apart. The versatility of steel tube framing allows for both complexity of architectural design, along with amazing building function flexibility. Interior columns or supports aren’t usually required for a commercial steel building, so you can use your clear-span interior space pretty any way you like. You can really create your own custom interior floorplan! And a clear-span metal structure from Carport Central can be designed to meet any width, length, and height building dimensions you may require.

• Customizable on the outside, as well

Afraid that a commercial steel building will look like a cold, boring metal structure? Not if you partner with Carport Central! You get to choose your preferred roof design, roof paneling color, side paneling color, doors, windows, trim, and more. Essentially, you can create whatever look you want for your building!


Some Popular Clear Span Building Sizes

• 30’ x 50’ Commercial Building

A sturdy 30’ x 50’ building offers 1500 square feet of protected space to use for your ecommerce business. A well-built, expertly installed 30’ X 50’ commercial metal building can do wonders for your small business and its operational capacities.


• 40’ x 60’ Commercial Building

40’ x 60’ is really one of our most popular commercial metal building configurations. Carport Central has delivered and installed MANY 40’-wide metal buildings at various lengths. We can also provide metal buildings that are up to 20 feet tall, if that’s what you really need. A 2400-square-foot commercial building works well for lots of commercial, retail, and agricultural businesses. A building of this size is also easy to finish as a residential barndominium or vacation cabin!


• 50’ x 80’ Commercial Building

What could you do with 4000 square feet of protected commercial building space? Pretty much whatever you want! Many business owners like to have interior building space they can divide up to use for multiple purposes, including production space, storage space, office space, and even an area for receiving and engaging with walk-in customers. For these purposes and more, a 50’x80’ metal building could be your perfect solution.


• 60’ x 100’ Commercial Building

Need to build in some space for sheltering heavy equipment, or for parking your commercial vehicles? A 60’ x 100’ commercial metal structure offers 6000 square feet of completely usable, clear span space. The only limit to the potential usage of a commercial building like this is your imagination!

Partner with Carport Central to Provide Your Best Clear Span Metal Building Solution

What kind of custom metal structure would best meet the needs of your new or growing ecommerce business? As our name indicates, Carport Central does provide metal carports, but we do a lot more than that. We can also deliver and install everything from metal garages, to metal barns, to RV covers, to commercial metal buildings of any shape and size. Basically, if you need it in a clear span steel structure, we can design it, manufacture it, and get it installed for you. In fact, we INCLUDE delivery and installation at no extra charge, and we deliver and install in 46 states!


Interested in designing your own clear span building kit that you can purchase at a discount and then install yourself? We make that option available to you as well. Our team of friendly, trained building specialists is always standing by to help. Oh, and if you’re interested in financing options, we also happen to offer the best financing solutions in the metal buildings business!

You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself. We’ve got you covered, and we’re here to provide shelter for your way of life – and business!


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