Self-Installation or Professional Installation: Which Should I Choose for My Metal Building

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Professional Installation vs DIYers


When purchasing a custom metal building, many people prefer to have a professional team of installers come to their home or place of business to put up the structure, while others choose to save money by installing their building themselves. Both are great options, but it’s important to understand which one is best for you! Here are some pros and cons to each:

Pros and Cons of Steel Building Self-Installation

Pro: Typically, you can expect to save about 5% on the cost of your building since many steel building distributors include installation and delivery in their pricing.

Pro: Many “DIYers” enjoy the satisfaction they get from putting up their own metal sheds, carports, garages, or other custom buildings.

Con: There are a few unexpected challenges that may arise for the inexperienced installer, which could delay the project by days, weeks, or longer.

Cons of DIYers

Pros / Cons of Professional Installation for Your Metal Garage, Carport, Workshop or Barn

Pro: Your custom metal carport or other metal building will be installed and ready to use within a day—all without you having to lift a finger!

Pro: Professional installers can help correct any issues with leveling or other concerns that could arise prior to or during the installation process.

Pro: In the case of metal workshops, metal barns, or other large custom metal buildings, there’s always an extra set of hands ready to help handle large, bulky pieces.

Con: It’s a little more expensive than assembling your own custom steel building yourself.

While custom metal building kits are designed for a fairly easy installation, it is important to remember most problems that occur with steel buildings are due to improper installation. If you are great with DIY projects and have an extra pair of hands, self-installation could be a great option for you!

There is a wide variety of metal buildings and kits for sale at Carport Central. Whether you choose to construct a DIY project with your own kit or decide on a professional installation team assembling the building for you, we make sure everything is fit to suit your needs AND your budget! You can get started today on your custom metal building by contacting us online or giving one of our friendly building specialists a call at (980) 321-9898.


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