Metal Carports with Enclosed Storage: A Winning Combination!

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Metal Carports with Enclosed Storage: A Winning Combination!

A sturdy metal carport is really the perfect open-air shelter for covering your ride. Today’s custom steel carports can be designed and engineered to accommodate practically any size or type of vehicle, from your personal car to your RV, camper, boat, tractor & attachments, and more! But even so, perhaps a standard carport won’t cover all of your needs. Maybe you need something with some built-in, fully-enclosed storage as well. In that case, what you really need is a utility carport!

It’s Really All About Having the Right Building Design

Not familiar with utility carports? A utility carport includes a metal carport shelter that’s designed for effective covered vehicle parking (or other open-air uses), but it also builds in some dedicated space for enclosed storage. These utility carports are also affectionately known as “carports with storage.” Many utility carport owners like to park their personal vehicles, RVs, or boats under the open carport portion, and then they’ll use the enclosed storage section to secure special items like lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, tools, or other special equipment.

Features & Benefits of Choosing a Customizable Metal Carport Storage Combo

In terms of functionality, one of the key features of owning a metal carport with storage is the fact that it offers both open and closed storage space sections. But how big can each section of your utility carport be? And what are your style and customization options? The good news is that it’s all really up to you! In fact, Carport Central gives you the ability to create your own custom building plan with ease.

  • Size Dimensions – You can design both your open-air and enclosed spaces any way you want, including the width, length, and height specifics for each. One advantage of choosing a metal utility carport is that your size options are essentially unlimited.
  • Roof Style – Depending on the particular size and style of utility carport you choose, you also have three popular roof styles available to you. The regular roof comes with rounded edges and features horizontal paneling. The A-frame roof also has horizontal paneling, but it’s built upon a sturdier A-frame base. And for the ultimate in roof performance, you really can’t beat a premium vertical roof!
  • Framing & Paneling Gauges – 14-gauge is a common default framing standard for many light steel structures, and 14-gauge works well for many carport storage combo applications. You also have the option of choosing a thicker 12-gauge for an even more sturdy building. The gauges of your metal roofing and paneling are up to you to decide, as well.
  • Doors & Windows – For the enclosed portion of your building, you’ll also get to decide what kind of access points you want, and where you want them to be located. You can go with an open frame out, or you can choose to include garage doors and/or walk-in doors. You can even have some windows put in if you like.
  • Color Choices – Who says a metal building has to be boring? You can select from a wide variety of popular colors to use for your roof, side panels, and trim. You can also go with a nice two-tone look, if you prefer. You can choose to help your carport with storage to blend in with surrounding buildings, or you can also opt to set it apart and make it stand out!
  • Certifications – Depending on where your metal structure is to be installed, there may be local certification requirements for meeting minimum wind and snow loads. We’ve got you covered! In fact, even if certification isn’t a legal requirement, we recommend you to consider choosing a certified structure for the additional peace of mind it offers.

The Versatile, Dependable Performance of Steel

While utility buildings of this nature can be constructed from wood or other components, these materials don’t offer the same performance advantages of choosing steel. What’s better about going with steel? Just about everything!

  • More Durable – Steel utility carports won’t rot from moisture like wood will, and they’re also engineered to last longer. They also offer superior protection from all the various weather elements.
  • Better for Withstanding Pests & Fire – Termites are no threat to steel, and other common pests aren’t really an issue, either. Steel also plays a poor host for mold and mildew, and steel’s inflammability makes it a much better choice for fire protection.
  • Customize & Expand As You Like – A steel utility building offers more flexibility of design, and also provides more usable covered storage space than a comparable wooden structure. Plus, it’s easier to adapt or expand a steel structure if your building needs should change in the future.
  • Easy Maintenance – While a wooden structure will need repainting or staining every few years, the colors of a steel utility building are designed not to peel or fade. A steel utility carport is very simple to clean, too; typically all you have to do is hose it off or hose it out!
  • Multipurpose Usage Potential – Covering vehicles and storing valuable items & equipment aren’t the only things you can do with a metal utility carport, either. The only limit to the many ways you can utilize your building is your imagination! Use it to host a cookout, give the kids a place to play outdoors, work on a project, pursue a hobby, and much more!

Partner with Carport Central for All Your Carport Storage Combo Needs!

Simply put, Carport Central is the premier provider of steel structures in the continental U.S. Sure, we do carports, but we also can provide you with a custom steel building of any size or style, for any application you may need. And on top of that, we also deliver and install at no additional cost! Ready to make your dream metal building happen? You can fill out this simple form to get the conversation started, or you can also connect with one of our expert building specialists at (980) 321-9898. We’re here to help!

And remember, at Carport Central we’re about much more than simply selling you a building. We’re About Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life!


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