Motorcycle Sheds: The Perfect Way to Protect Your Ride

By Jay Lara   |   Posted In: Storage Sheds


What it feels like to ride

Those who have never ridden a motorized two-wheeler, really can’t understand.

The experience is hard to describe, and it’s something you’ll never forget. Whether you own a chopper, hog, street bike, dirt bike, crotch rocket, or more than one of the above, the experience of driving a motorcycle is hard to describe. Riding inside a passenger vehicle is one thing, but riding on top of an open-air vehicle is another thing entirely.

There’s no separation between you and the wide world around you, and your senses are heightened. You take in every detail, and as you feel the wind whipping all around you, the adrenaline just flows through your veins. It’s beautiful, stimulating, and exciting all at the same time. You’re in complete control of every move of your machine, and you just feel more alive.

But what happens when you can’t ride?

Well, for one thing, whenever you can’t get out and ride, you may find yourself feeling a little depressed. Totally understandable! But if you want your motorcycle to be ready to go when you are, you need to find a good personal storage solution for your bike.

You can leave a car or truck out in the driveway (although we’d recommend using a carport at least 😉), but you really can’t just leave a motorcycle outside. Theft or tampering are real concerns, and you also don’t want to leave your ride exposed to the elements, either.

So, what’s a motorcycle owner to do? Come to Carport Central for the best metal bike sheds and bike shelters, of course! A custom-built, prefab outdoor bike shelter is tough, durable, and affordable and is one of the many valuable applications of storage sheds we can provide for you.

What’s better about our bike sheds?

Tired of seeing your bike’s upholstery start to show signs of fading or cracking? Worried about hail damage or other harmful impacts? If you don’t have a protected place for parking your bike, you need one. A carport is better than nothing, but that still leaves your motorcycle vulnerable to moisture, temperature extremes, and would-be thieves.

An even better solution is an enclosed outdoor bike shelter from Carport Central! Our custom steel structures are incredibly strong, durable, and cost-effective. Here are some specific features worth noting about our motorcycle sheds:

  • Strong – How strong is cold-formed steel? It offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commercial building material. That means a steel structure will endure wind and snow load extremes that other buildings simply won’t. And since there’s no need for interior columns or supports, a steel shelter also offers completely accessible interior storage space.
  • Simple to install – Prefabricated steel building components come premeasured and ready to assemble, with no need for any onsite measuring or cutting. That means your motorcycle shed will go up much faster, with less needed labor. You can even opt to install your own custom metal building kit, if you prefer!
  • Dimensionally stable – Steel buildings won’t expand or contract from moisture, and steel doesn’t split or warp over time. You can’t say the same for a stick-built structure! By choosing a steel-built shed, you won’t have any worries about cracks, nail head popups, or other issues that may crop up with more “traditional” construction.
  • The foundation is up to you – You can install your metal building on concrete or asphalt if you choose, but you aren’t limited to a poured foundation. Thanks to the many specialty anchors we offer, you can also install them on gravel or plain level ground. With a metal building solution from Carport Central, your building foundation is really up to you!
  • Durable and resistant – A galvanized steel building is known to be weather-proof, pest-proof, and fire-resistant. You can expect to enjoy many decades of maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant performance.
  • Eco-friendly – If doing your part to reduce your ecological footprint matters to you, you’ll like going with a steel building. Our steel building components include a minimum of recycled content, and the building components themselves are essentially 100% recyclable. By choosing a steel structure, you’re actually helping to reduce our demand for Earth’s precious resources.

We provide outdoor sheds and shelters for any application

If you need a durable cover for your motorcycle, we’ve got you covered. In fact, Carport Central is able to provide any size, style, or design of the custom metal building you might need. We offer everything from RV covers, to garages, to barns, to storage sheds, to large commercial buildings, to barndominiums, and metal homes. If you can dream it, we can deliver a perfect metal building solution to meet your need.

Why partner with Carport Central?

Essentially, nobody covers America better than Carport Central. We install in 46 states, and we’re the premier online provider of metal structures for the continental U.S. All of our custom buildings are locally manufactured in American facilities, as well; when you choose to partner with us, you’re helping to support American jobs!

You can even design your own custom metal building with our intuitive 3D Building Designer. It’s simple to use, and easy to access on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your imagination is really the only limit to what you can do! We’re happy to deliver and install on your level site at NO extra charge, but you can also opt to choose a custom metal building kit that you install yourself for a discount.

Oh, and if we didn’t mention – Carport Central offers the BEST financing and rent-to-own plans in the business!

Get in touch with one of our friendly building specialists today. You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, you can just give us a call at (980) 321-9898!

Carport Central Provides Shelter for Your Way of Life.

At Carport Central, What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us.


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    Jay Lara is COO of Carport Central, and brings nearly 20 years of metal building industry experience. He’s worked in every aspect of the business, ranging from engineering to design to fabrication to installation to sales, and he’s passionate about bridging the gap between B2B and B2C for the metal buildings market.

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