Real American Steel Makes for Really Better Buildings

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Real American Steel Makes for Really Better Buildings

Steel buildings are better than stick builds

Metal buildings have been around for centuries, and cold-formed steel construction in particular can be traced back to the mid-1800s. Steel structures have been demonstrated to be superior to other forms of construction in many ways. Modern steel-framed metal structures are more durable, more versatile, more resistant to weather, fire, & pests, and completely customizable. And professionally engineered metal building kits are more cost-effective to build, too. Today, metal buildings are being used across America for everything from residential, to agricultural, to commercial, to industrial applications. If you’re considering a metal building for sale, you’re really making a smart choice!


How is cold-formed steel produced?

Since pre-engineered metal buildings (or PEMBs) are fabricated with cold-formed steel, it’s important to understand how these building components are produced. The process involves galvanized steel sheets that are roll-formed into various building component shapes, ranging from studs, to joists, to headers, to trusses, to sheet paneling used for the roof and sides. It’s known as “cold-formed” steel, because these building components can be formed and shaped by roll-forming machines at ambient temperatures, with no additional heat required. These building components can be produced in large quantities in an effective manner, while still maintaining high standards for both quality and precision.


You’ve probably seen metal carports, garages, and barns that are fabricated from cold-formed (or light-gauge) steel, but that’s just the beginning of the possibilities with these types of structures. Thanks to our continued advances in engineering, Carport Central provides a wide range of light-gauge steel building solutions for all sorts of applications, including residential barndominiums and metal building homes, commercial warehouses, large agricultural buildings, retail storefronts, office buildings, industrial facilities, and many more custom builds.


 Clear advantages of choosing a PEMB

What’s better about a PEMB steel structure? Just about everything you can think of! Here are just some of the specific benefits of choosing cold-formed steel tube-framed construction:


  • Reliable quality control – Since every aspect of a PEMB is designed and fabricated by a single manufacturer with known steel sources, there are fewer unknown variables. Each component is precision-engineered, crafted, and tested for quality before ever leaving the manufacturing facility. Conventional construction, on the other hand, can involve any number of subcontractors and various material sources.


  • Lighter building materials – Because of the streamlined design and fabrication process, steel tube framing and sheeting are produced in a manner that uses less bulky materials and produces almost zero waste. Steel buildings are 30% lighter than conventional construction on average, while still providing greater strength and durability.


  • More foundation options – Light steel buildings give you more options in terms of your chosen building foundation, too. A PEMB can be installed on a simple foundation pour, or you can opt to install it on practically any level surface. Depending on how you plan to use your metal building, you can install it on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or even plain level ground!


  • Easier to expand or adapt – No matter how well you try to plan ahead, your building needs can change over time. With conventional stick-built construction, building modification can be time-intensive, labor-intensive, and expensive. Pre-engineered metal buildings, on the other hand, are designed with easier options for expanding or adapting your building in the future.


  • Faster installation – If you need your building sooner than later, that’s another good reason to choose a pre-engineered steel building. From the time of your initial order, a PEMB can usually be custom-fabricated and installed on your site in a matter of weeks. You’d have to wait several months to have a comparable conventional build completed.


  • Cheaper to build – Let’s face it. Purchasing and installing any type of building is a significant investment. You need a building you can count on, that’s engineered to be reliable, durable, fully functional, and attractive. A modern steel building from Carport Central checks all of those boxes. At the same time, price matters too – and here’s the best news. Cold-formed steel is THE most cost-effective material for mid-rise structures! And the bigger your building footprint, the more you can save by choosing steel.
64x61 Raised Center Barn

American steel is a sustainable material, too

If doing your part to help the environment matters to you, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn just how “green” steel is. It’s the most recycled material in North America, and the American steel industry places massive emphasis on recycling at every level of operation. Using recycled steel helps to reduce our dependence on Earth’s limited resources, and steel is a material with essentially limitless recyclability, with no degradation of its structural properties.

 Did you know? All American-produced steel contains a minimum of 25 percent recycled content, and each PEMB steel building component is essentially 100% recyclable. Once you consider all the facts, it’s no stretch to say that steel construction is actually a “greener” solution than stick-built construction.


Why choose Carport Central for your better steel building

At Carport Central, we believe in supporting the American steel industry by sourcing American steel as much as possible. So, whenever you do business with Carport Central, you’re actually helping to support American steel jobs. We take real pride in our work, and only provide the best-engineered, best-manufactured custom steel building solutions.

 In fact, nobody beats our engineering and customization options when it comes to PEMB steel structures, and nobody else comes close to matching the high standards we set for attentive customer service and a positive customer experience.

 Oh, and here’s another fact about Carport Central you might appreciate. We’ve got the very best metal building financing, RTO, and metal building home mortgage solutions, too!

 You can connect with us online, or for even faster response, simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today. We invite you to experience the Carport Central difference for yourself! At Carport Central, what’s central to you, is central to us.


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