Red Iron Buildings v/s Prefabricated Metal Buildings

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Red Iron Buildings vs Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Outdoor buildings have lots of uses for both residential and industrial establishments. One of the amazing features of these structures is their versatility. An outdoor structure such as a garage can be used for many other purposes other than car storage and as a repair center. This makes investing in outdoor buildings a wise decision for both homeowners and business establishments. Here are some of the applications of outdoor buildings and structures:


  1. To provide safe accommodation to vehicles and other automobiles such as an RV.
  2. To provide additional storage space for farm tools and equipment.
  3. They can be used to store farm produce and animal feed such as hay.
  4. They can be modified into offices for commercial use.
  5. A safe working area for businesses.


The range of applications for outdoor buildings is very wide and this makes them prime investments for homes and industries.

Red Iron Buildings

Red iron buildings are in the shape of a capital I and that is why they are sometimes called Steel-I-Beam. Due to their shape, these structures are incredibly strong and they make for durable buildings. Red iron buildings are quite stable and the strength of such structures is evident when you walk into a structure made of red iron steel. Such structures usually do not feature load bearing beams and this can be can be attributed to the high tensile strength of the beams.

Putting up red iron buildings is, however, a labor intensive process and you will be required to hire an external contractor to help you with the installation. This increases your total expenditure on the metal building.

You run the risk of making the wrong connections if you are not familiar with the metal building installation and setup. There is also a lot of wastage of steel as you will most likely buy the material in excess so as to avoid running short. The best solution for all this mess is Pre-fabricated Metal Buildings.

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings arrive at your residence already set up and what’s left is to pin them to the ground with anchors. Prefabricated metal buildings designed by expert manufacturers under competent engineer’s guidance, when assembled by our professional builders is second to none. You get to choose from a myriad of designs configurations of metal prefab buildings that are crafted specifically for various applications and uses. If you have any specific requirements that you would wish for your prefabricated steel building, Carport Central will gladly factor that in the design. The prefab steel building kit is then delivered to your premise and installed on your premises.

The main advantages for going with Prefabricated Metal Buildings

There are a lot of benefits to having a prefabricated metal structure installed in your premises. They include:

Shorter construction time.

It takes a shorter time to put up a pre-fabricated metal building than it takes to build an outdoor red iron building from scratch. The prefabricated metal components are made easy to assemble and put together. Secondary metal components can be applied with drilling screws.

Ease of expansion.

Prefabricated steel buildings feature a dynamic design for easy and quick modification during and after the structure is set up. The building can be expanded by simply removing the side walls or by erecting a new framework.

Best Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Carport Central works with top and experienced prefab metal building manufacturers and this way you don’t have to look elsewhere for the best-prefabricated metal buildings. Our building prices are quite low and we offer limited warranties on all parts. Our clients enjoy favorable payment options that make it easy to own prefabricated steel buildings. We offer both certified and un-certified prefab metal buildings and if you live in an area that requires the buildings to meet set snow and wind load ratings, we will gladly send the drawings over for approval.

Carport Central, Your Ultimate Partner for Prefabricated Metal Buildings.


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