Should You Install Fire Sprinklers in Your Metal Building?

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Should You Install Fire Sprinklers in Your Metal Building?

Metal buildings are a smart investment for many reasons. For starters, they’re not susceptible to the same threats and liabilities as structures made from wood. A steel building is also stronger, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer than a stick-build. The popularity of these rugged structures continues to rise across America. Homeowners, farmers, and businesses use them for a wide range of applications, including everything from carports to garages to barns to workshops to warehouses, and more!

Another advantage of steel over wood is the fact that it’s inflammable, making it a more naturally fire-resistant structure. Even so, fire-resistant doesn’t necessarily mean fireproof. One question that sometimes comes up for metal building owners and prospective metal building shoppers is this – should I consider having fire sprinklers installed in my building?

Fire Safety Concerns

When you stop and think about it, metal structures really have a lot going for them. Steel isn’t susceptible to termites, insects, or other pests like wood is. Light-gauge steel is also one of the strongest building materials that’s commercially available, and it doesn’t rot, warp, or crack. Steel is also a sustainable building material – metal buildings in the U.S. are produced with a percentage of recycled material to begin with, and the metal components themselves are generally 100% recyclable. And whereas a wooden building can easily ignite and spread, steel doesn’t burn! So, is it a crazy thought to even talk about the need for installing a sprinkler system?

Not at all! While a steel building itself won’t burn, the contents of a steel building – or any other building – certainly can! The point of a fire sprinkler system isn’t really to protect the building; it’s really there to help protect the building’s occupants, property, and equipment! Fire sprinklers exist to offer a critical element of safety. They’re designed to detect heat from a fire and automatically activate, producing a flow of water that can slow down or extinguish a fire entirely. 

Fire Sprinkler Considerations

Do you need fire sprinklers installed in your steel structure? Some of that really depends on how you intend to use your building. If you intend to use your building for commercial purposes, then a sprinkler system may actually be required by law. Here are some of the U.S. guidelines in place where fire sprinklers are concerned:

  • Fire sprinklers must be installed in any newly-built commercial structure with a fire area exceeding 5,000 square feet.
  • Townhomes containing more than two occupancy units per buildings are also required to have fire sprinklers.
  • Any building more than 55 feet in height must have automatic sprinkler systems installed throughout the structure.
  • Self-storage facilities are also required to have automatic sprinklers installed, unless it’s a one-story building with no interior corridors and which contains a one-hour fire barrier.
  • Fire pumps are also needed if the sprinklers are fed by a non-pressurized water tank, or if the municipal water source doesn’t produce sufficient pressure for the sprinklers.

So, what if your metal building doesn’t fall within the above parameters? In that case, the choice whether or not to include a fire sprinkler system in your building plan is entirely up to you. Fire sprinklers are still something that are worth considering, though, as they can help save lives in the event of an interior fire. They can also make the difference in whether important equipment, property, and possessions can be saved or not. When in doubt, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution where your home, business, farm building, or commercial facility is concerned. And here’s one more reason to look at investing in a fire sprinkler system – it can result in significant insurance discounts for building owners!

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