Steel Carports – The Safest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Ride

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Besides your home itself, your vehicles are probably one of your largest investments. Unless your home is blessed with a built-in garage, you need someplace to shelter your ride(s) from the elements. Or maybe you DO have a garage, but it’s so jam-packed full of stuff that you couldn’t get a car or truck in there if you tried! Either way, you’re still in the same boat – you need a reliable place to protect your vehicle investments. If only there were a safe, cost-effective solution available to you …

But there is! A steel carport can provide your vehicles with the sturdy shelter they need, at a price that’s more affordable than you may think!

Why Invest in a Steel Carport?

Steel buildings are superior to stick-builds or those made from other materials for many reasons, including their versatility, durable safety, and cost-effectiveness. Just speaking of versatility, one nice feature of a steel carport’s flexible design is the fact that you have full control in choosing the dimensions, style, and functionality of your structure, and you also have multiple customization options available to you. For the purposes of today’s blog though, let’s focus in on two features of a metal carport in particular: safety and protection, and cost-effectiveness.

The Durable Safety and Protection of a Steel Carport

  • Shelter from the Storms

    Steel carports don’t warp or rot like wood, and they can stand up to constant use and extreme weather elements, including wind, rain, lightning, snow, and sleet. Thanks to the malleability and ductility of metal, these structures are also much better at withstanding the rolling forces of earthquake waves than their wooden counterparts.

  • Shield from the Sun

    You’ve probably learned this the hard way by now. No matter your skin type, if you spend much time outside without wearing any sunscreen, it won’t take long before your skin starts to burn. And what’s true for you is also true for your vehicles. No, your car won’t get a “sunburn” like you do, but unobstructed solar radiation can weather your paint, cause any plastic or vinyl components to warp, and fade your vehicle’s upholstery and carpet. UV rays can also turn leather interiors brittle and make them crack over time. And it doesn’t even matter whether it’s a sunny day or not; UV rays penetrate right through the clouds, too.

    Keeping your cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and other vehicles under a metal-roofed carport is one of the best ways to preserve both their exteriors and interiors!

  • Pest and Fire Resistant, Too

    Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or other insect pests, and it won’t give a foothold to moss, mold, or mildew. Steel is also inflammable, so it provides MUCH better fire resistance than buildings made of wood or other flammable materials.

Of course, the contents of an open-air steel carport could still be vulnerable to impacts from wildfires, larger critters, or thieves. Want to provide even more secure protection for your vehicles? Simply add metal panel walls to the sides, and you can turn your steel carport into a full-enclosed steel garage for maximum security!

Steel Carports are Cost-Effective and Provide More Value

  • Cost-Effective

    What about steel carport prices? We know that when it comes to choosing a carport to suit your needs, price matters. Did you know? Depending on the carport size dimensions and customizations you choose, a steel carport is often cheaper to build per square foot than a stick-build! Metal is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance than wooden or other structures. And since the color is infused into the metal, you won’t have the same peeling or fading paint issues, either.

  • Install on Any Surface

    Another way you can save money with a steel carport is the fact that it can be installed on any level surface, including gravel or even level ground. No need to sink a lot of cash into foundation costs! You can of course have concrete poured or asphalt paved on your install site (NOTE that most metal carport installers don’t provide such services themselves, though), if you so choose. Or you can opt to save that cash, and choose to use it someplace else!

  • Less Expensive to Insure

    Thanks to superior strength, durability, and fire resistance, your insurance costs may also decrease by choosing a steel structure over other material options.

  • Adaptable, Multipurpose Usage

    The versatility of steel allows for more complex architectural designs and more clear-span interior space. It’s easier to expand a steel carport as your space needs grow and change, too. And while these structures are obviously great for covering your vehicles, you can use them in lots of other ways, too. They make great picnic shelters, ideal spots to host a neighborhood cookout, and good shaded places to work on hobbies or other outdoor pursuits, among other things!

  • Portable

    Another nice thing about having a steel carport is you can take it with you when you go! If you ever decide to move, a steel carport can be easily disassembled, transported to your new location, and reassembled. Try doing that with some old pole barn!

  • More Bang For Your Buck!

    It’s about more than just getting a quality structure at a competitive price; it’s also about the value a steel carport brings. In addition to all the many benefits listed above, installing a steel carport can increase the curb appeal of your home and raise its property value. Once you take all these features into consideration, you soon realize that a steel carport really does offer more bang for your buck!

Why You Should Order Your Steel Carport from Carport Central

At Carport Central, we CARE about our customers. Everybody says they’re about customer service, but when WE say that customer service is our top priority, we mean it! We deliver it! We work hard to make sure you get the perfect steel carport, garage, barn, workshop, or other structure to meet all your needs, as well as your budget. We also work hard to provide you with the shortest lead times in the North, South, East, and West – we serve 48 U.S. states!

Purchasing a steel carport or garage to protect your vehicle investments can be a significant investment in itself. For that reason, you should do your homework to make sure you’re getting the best product with the best service.  Consider what sets Carport Central apart from the competition:

  • We’re the nation’s largest online provider of metal structures
  • We partner with only top local manufacturers and installers across the country to provide quality structures with the shortest lead times
  • Cutting-edge online tools like our 3D Building Designer which enable you to easily customize and price your ideal metal structure, all from the comfort of your couch
  • When you’re ready to talk, one of our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists will take the time to LISTEN, and we can walk you through every step
  • Delivery and installation INCLUDED for your custom steel carport, garage, or other structure
  • Great warranties for metal framing, roofing and siding, and workmanship
  • Financing and rent-to-own options available, too!

At Carport Central, we’re about much more than just selling you a steel carport or structure – We Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life.  Check us out online or give us a call today at, and see the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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