Tips for Planning Your Perfect Batting Cage

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Tips for Planning Your Perfect Batting Cage

Play Ball!

Baseball season is back, and the boys of summer are just getting warmed up. Need a new batting cage for your ballpark? Looking to add some space where you can do some batting practice in your own backyard? We’ve got the 411 on some important things to keep in mind as you’re making plans for your custom batting cage.

Important Considerations for a New Batting Cage

If you’re looking to incorporate a batting cage into your ballfield or backyard, here are some expert insights you’ll appreciate:

• Location and Orientation

It’s not just about having enough space to put in a new batting cage. Orientation matters, too. It’s a good idea to position your batting cage in a north-south alignment, in order to avoid sun-facing interference for both your batters and pitchers. You should also plan to install batting cages at least 4’ away from any potential snag points like tree limbs or chain-link fences.

• Single Cage, or Multiple Cages?

If one batting cage is good, two or more adjacent cages can be even better. Choosing to install side-by-side cages can be a more cost-effective option for your ballpark, too. The only possible downside to this approach is that coaches and players don’t always like to warm up right next to their opponents.

• Batting Cage Flooring Choices

There are many options when it comes to batting cage flooring. You can go with natural grass, but that’s hard to maintain inside a batting cage. Crushed aggregate, asphalt, and concrete need less maintenance, but each of these can scuff up balls pretty quickly. Artificial turf is probably your best option, but it does come with a little higher initial price tag.

• Netting or Ground Sleeves?

Ground sleeves make the most sense if your cage is set in a temporary location that’s likely to be moved year-to-year. Otherwise, it’s best to plan to install more permanent netting around your batting cage facility.

Custom Metal Buildings Make Great Batting Cages

Are recreational metal buildings really a good option? In fact, most would agree that recreational steel buildings are the best option for batting cage applications. You may already be aware that Carport Central offers fantastic metal carports, garages, and barn buildings, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we’re able to deliver. We provide and install excellent batting cages, as well!

From backyards to high schools to minor league baseball parks, we’ve worked with private homeowners and commercial organizations alike to deliver perfect batting cage solutions. We’ve installed on a range of foundation surfaces, from plain level ground to concrete, and we provide other flexible foundation installation options for your batting cage building as well. Whether you’re interested in an open-air structure or a fully-enclosed pitching & batting practice facility, Carport Central is here to deliver whatever metal building solution you may need.

17x63x14 Batting Cage

What About a Custom Metal Building Kit?

Yep, we do those too. We’re happy to offer metal building delivery and installation services for NO additional cost inside our 46-state service area, but that’s not your only option. If you’re a DIYer who likes to get things done with your own two hands, we also make custom metal building kits available at a discount, that you can pick up and install yourself. Every personalized metal building kit Carport Central provides comes with all needed building materials for installation, including:

  • Square steel tubing members and supports
  • Metal roofing panels in your choice of color
  • Pre-welded components for easy assembly
  • Side paneling options in your choice of color
  • All needed fastening hardware, nuts, & bolts
  • All needed building anchors
  • Optional customization features like roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows
  • Optional trim package in your choice of color
  • Optional bubble wrap, ProDex equivalent, or pre-installed DripStop condensation control
  • Optional engineering plans
  • Convenient regional pickup points
  • 20-year framing warranty
  • 10- to 20-year metal paneling warranty

Carport Central Has You Covered!

When it comes to metal building solutions – including batting cages – there’s no better name to trust than Carport Central.

All of our steel structures are manufactured right here in local American facilities, and we’re proud to support the American steel industry and help provide for American steel jobs.

  • We’re the top online-based American metal structure provider, currently installing in 46 US states.
  • We’ve provided custom batting cages for homeowners, schools, and minor league baseball organizations.
  • We also offer THE BEST financing and rent-to-own payment options you’ll find in the entire metal building industry.
  • Nobody tops our standards when it comes to fostering a positive customer experience and delivering exemplary customer service.

Connect with us online, or for an even faster response, just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (980) 321-9898. Our friendly building specialists are standing by to help! At Carport Central, what’s Central to you, is Central to us. We’re all about providing shelter for your way of life, recreation, and business.


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