Used Carports versus New Metal Carports

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used carport vs new carport

Buying carports can bring you several benefits, not just adding value to your home but also provide cost-effective protection against harsh elements of the weather. Carports can have multiple uses, doubling as outdoor storage for your motorhome, trailer or boat.

A decision that you often have to make is choosing between getting a used carport or new metal carport. This primarily depends on what you intend to use the carports for and if a new product suits the budget you had in mind.

Which carport to choose?

Used carports can be the right investment if you do not have the budget to buy a new one. However, there might be certain disadvantages in the long run.


Custom Options in Carport

With new carports for sale, you can get designs and styles that are made to order whether it is customized colors or features that fit what you are looking for. You just need to check what type you need like a standard carport, utility carport, RV carport etc., your installation site and most importantly what you need it for? It will help the building experts understand your needs and tailor the carport or building per your requirements.


Maintenance of Carports

Unlike used carports, new metal carports have not experienced any wear or tear and will require very little maintenance once bought.


Carports Warranty

New carports have an untouched warranty life. You also have the option to buy a warranty for used carports but the best option for a warranty you can receive, with no extra cost, will be included in the price of the new carports for sale.


Building Permits

As building codes become stricter, manufacturers and sellers emphasize better and more efficient carports since previous years, they use the engineer certified materials and techniques upgraded quality materials,  Safety is an aspect that can be compromised if you look at used carport models for sale.


Carport Prices

You need to do more legwork when it comes to finding a decent quality used carport that is value for money. Carport prices for older models are not always regulated and to find the right used carport for sale, you have to look on the internet and meet private sellers to confirm you are getting what is advertised.


Best Buy Carports at Carport Central

Carport Central has a wide range of carports for sale with new styles, that can be custom-made and are affordable for any budget. You may be thinking about getting a used carport, but a carport from Carport Central is a great alternative. You can choose from many additional accessories and installation and delivery included when you buy from us.


Carport with Custom SidesEnclosed Carport Top Only Carport






Our experienced industry experts can serve you best when it comes to finding the best solution for your storage needs and the specifications that would do you justice, keeping in mind your personal requirements, the weather conditions, the building permit requirements, etc. Just fill a quick form to contact us or talk to our representative at toll-free number (980) 321-9898 to get your new metal carport or building installed at your site.

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