What Does It Cost to Build a Detached Garage?

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What Does It Cost to Build a Detached Garage

The Need for Detached Garages

The majority of new home construction going up in America comes with attached garages included. That shouldn’t be surprising, since over 9 out of 10 U.S. households report owning one or more vehicles. Even so, the demand for adding a detached garage is still on the rise. Why is that?

One reason is that many families have multiple vehicles to park. Another key driver is the storage space factor. Most Americans have more stuff than room to keep it, and having detached garage space for overflow storage comes in really handy. Metal garages are a great solution in that regard. They’re rugged and customizable, and the cost of building a detached garage with steel is more budget-friendly than going with a stick build.

Popular Sizes of Detached Steel Garages

Modern metal garage buildings can be built to practically any size dimensions, but here are a few of the more popular options:

• One-car or single garage

Standard metal garage sizing usually starts at 12’ wide and 21’ long. This is a perfect building size for housing a single car or truck, but it doesn’t offer additional storage space once your vehicle is parked inside. In terms of detached garage cost, the 1-car garage is the cheapest way to go.

• Two-car or double garage

A two-car garage starts at 20’ wide, but adding some extra width makes it easier to open doors and navigate around vehicles. Many folks like to opt to make their detached 2-car garage a little longer too, for additional storage space purposes. Obviously, making the building longer will also add to the cost of a detached garage.

• Three-car or triple garage

Standard three-car garages are usually around 30′ wide, but going wider adds some helpful buffer space. A side-entry garage design is a popular choice for 3-car metal garages, especially if you’re installing on a site with a minimum of available depth.

• Four-car or quad garage

Detached garages of this size start at 40’ in width, and can go much wider. Many like to use a 4-car garage as a combination building for vehicle parking, lawn & garden equipment parking, general storage, and workshop space. With a steel-framed garage, you can easily go up to 70’W or above, depending on how you plan to use your building.

Benefits of a Detached Garage

Apart from meeting your vehicle parking needs, there are other good reasons to consider installing detached storage on your property:

• An attached garage may not create the look you want

If your home doesn’t have any current garage space, there are some aesthetic reasons to go with a detached garage over an attached garage. You can preserve more of an older home’s original beauty by putting a detached garage to the side, or out back. Attaching directly to your main building can create a look that many homeowners and new home buyers find to be too “garage-heavy.”

• Free up your home interior

If your current home interior is becoming a little too cluttered, adding a detached garage can work wonders in terms of providing needed storage space. Reclaim your living space by relocating all that extra “stuff” to your detached garage.

• Separate home space from workspace

Some hobbies and work projects require power tools and other items that can generate a lot of noise and mess. Take those projects out to your detached garage, and preserve the sanctity (and cleanliness!) of your home space. Your family will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself.

• Convert your detached garage into a finished space

Want to add a remote office, or an apartment for the in-laws? Metal garages can be designed and built to be ready-to-finish, and steel-framed construction can be a more cost-effective approach than adding on to your home with stick-built construction.

Detached Metal Garage Cost

Last but not least, let’s talk about cost. The fact of the matter is that metal garage prices are more affordable than you may realize, especially if you choose a partner like Carport Central. Much like choosing a car, the answer to “How much will it cost” really comes down to what size, features, and customizations you want to include. But just to give you an idea, you can get a nice 3-car side-entry garage like this one right now for well under $20k!

30x41x12 Side Entry Garage

You get to decide about door and window placement, and you also have the freedom to choose from a palette of colors for the roof, siding, and trim. Concrete and groundwork services aren’t provided, but you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to a metal building foundation. Your new metal garage can be installed on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or even plain level ground.

Other Advantages of Steel Construction

Aside from its attractive price tag, there are lots of good reasons to choose a steel-built detached garage over a stick build. Galvanized steel is more rugged and durable than wood, plus it’s more weather-resistant, moisture-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant. Because of this, a steel garage can also be cheaper to insure.

Worried about how to get your detached metal garage delivered and installed? Don’t be. Carport Central includes professional metal building delivery and installation with purchase inside our 46-state service area, all at no extra cost. Like to do things with your own hands? You can save even more by choosing a custom-manufactured metal garage kit you can pick up and install yourself. Our kits come with all the needed building materials, including fasteners and anchors. Each building component is pre-measured, pre-welded, pre-tested, and ready to install. Got questions about metal building kits? Just get in touch with one of our building specialists today.

Choose Carport Central for Your Detached Garage Solution

Our name may say “carport,” but that’s not all we do at Carport Central. In fact, we’re your trusted partner for whatever type of custom metal garage you may need!

Whether it’s a metal carport, garage, barn, storage shed, RV cover, workshop, warehouse, commercial building, barndominium, or something else, we’ve got you covered! We deliver the best-quality structures with the best customer service and the shortest lead times you can expect to find anywhere.

We source American steel whenever possible, and each of our steel structures is individually tailored by an American building manufacturer. Our building specialists are knowledgeable and friendly, and we’d love to help you get EXACTLY what you want and need in a metal building. We offer preferred financing and rent-to-own payment options to help meet your budget, too.

There’s no need to wait any longer. You can reach out to us online, or to connect even faster simply pick up the phone and give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today!

At Carport Central, our mission is to provide shelter for your way of life. What’s Central to you, is Central to us.


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