What Does It Cost to Build a Metal Building Home?

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Is a Metal Building Home Really a Viable Option?

Perhaps you’ve already become a seasoned fan of barndominiums. Or you may be new to the concept and don’t really know what a barndo is. Either way, we’re here to tell you that, yes, a metal building home really is a thing, and it’s also a very good thing!

The fact of the matter is that Carport Central has designed, delivered, and installed quite a few barndominiums and metal building homes for property owners across the country. And if you’re someone who hasn’t given much prior thought to considering a steel-framed structure for your primary residence, second home, or vacation cabin, there are lots of reasons why you should.

Steel buildings are widely recognized to be stronger and more weather-resistant than stick builds and require much less maintenance, too. These structures are very flexible in terms of building design, application, and flexible interior floor plans, and they also go up MUCH faster than any traditional stick-built home. But what about metal building home cost? There’s more good news there, too. On average, a steel home is actually around 30% cheaper to build!


What Is a Barndominium, Anyway?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a barndominium (often abbreviated as barndo) is a steel home design which originally became popular in Texas back in the 1990s. Since then, the metal homes trend has quickly picked up steam all over the country.

A barndominum is really what it sounds like – a cross between a metal barn and a condominium. The exterior can be designed to mimic the look of a barn or any other metal structure, while the interior can be customized and finished to create any sort of floor plan you might like.

A number of barndominium owners have chosen to use their metal building home as their primary residence, while others use barndos as vacation homes, office buildings, or other finished multipurpose buildings. One signature feature of metal barndominiums and metal building homes is that they include wide-open, clear-span interiors, so there’s no limit to how you can divide up and use your finished space to suit your particular needs and preferences.

Metal homes


Why Steel Homes Make Better Homes

If you’ve never given much thought to choosing a steel-framed structure for your residential application, there’s honestly a lot to like about going with a custom barndominium or barndominium kit. Here are just a few features and benefits worth noting:

  • Metal building home cost

With today’s inflation and higher construction costs in general, we know that home building price is more important to many new homebuyers than ever. And since the cost to build is one of the first key things to consider, let’s start there. While material costs have risen for pretty much all construction materials over the last few years – including wood, metal, and everything else – the fact still remains that it’s less expensive to build with steel. On average, a steel-framed home is around 30% cheaper to build than a wood-framed home. And the larger your home design, the more you’ll save per square foot by choosing steel! 

  • Flexibility of design

Do you value the possibility of having a spacious interior layout with the option to include some high ceilings in your home? If so, you’ll appreciate the engineering and design possibilities that come with a metal building home. The steel framing can support the full weight of the roof and other home structural elements without requiring any interior columns or poles. What that means for you is that you have an open design plan that can be customized and personalized however you want!

  • Faster construction process

The process of building a wood-framed home on your property can take many months or even more than a year from start to finish. But thankfully, metal home construction is a much more streamlined process. All of the custom steel building components are pre-manufactured in a dedicated facility ahead of time, so your steel home goes up much faster, with much less labor. In fact, you can even opt to purchase a DIY metal building home kit that you can actually put up yourself! 

  • Energy efficiency advantages

Many folks assume that a wood-framed home is automatically better than a steel-framed home. But that would be a false assumption! In fact, a properly-insulated metal home can be up to 40% more energy-efficient than a wood-framed home.

Surprised? Let us break it down for you. Steel framing is more dense and compact than wood by nature, meaning there’s also more available roof cavity and wall cavity space to fill with insulation. And more insulation means there will be less demand on your HVAC system, which also equates to lower heating & air costs. So, in addition to saving money on your actual building cost, you can also save money on your power bills by choosing a metal building home.

  • The sheer strength and resiliency of steel

The unique properties of steel bring many other benefits, as well. Galvanized steel is a very sturdy, long-lasting material. For starters, it’s more resistant to weather threats than wood and also happens to be lightning-resistant, fire-resistant, and even more earthquake-resistant. Termites are a very real threat to wood, but they’re no threat to steel. In fact, no critters or pests can really hurt steel at all.

There’s another cost advantage to mention here as well. Since steel structures are known to be more resilient and resistant, they’re typically cheaper to insure, as well.

  • Steel is a more eco-friendly option

While you’re aware that trees are a renewable resource, construction-grade lumber isn’t always produced in a manner that’s environmentally friendly or sustainable. But the steel which is used for American construction always includes a percentage of recycled content and is itself 100% recyclable. And speaking of eco-friendliness, since prefab steel components come pre-measured and ready to assemble, there’s essentially no waste material produced on the construction site. That means there’s less of a negative impact on local landfills, as well.

Once you really see all the facts for what they are, it’s fair to say that a steel home is honestly one of the most eco-friendly construction approaches there is!


Metal Building Home Cost

So, how much will a metal building home cost? The answer to that question will really depend upon several important factors, including the size of your building, the gauge of your steel framing and paneling, and which building customizations you choose.

The cost of a metal building home will depend on its design and can cost you around $11,137 to $20,000 for a 32×20 metal building and $20,386 to $28,000 for a 42×20 steel building, and for a 52×20, it can cost you around $23,617. However, the price of a steel building home can vary depending on its size, steel prices, design, customization features, and location. 

Moreover, Carport Central offers metal building homes at the most competitive prices in the industry.

But even though construction material costs have gone up, a steel home from Carport Central is still your most cost-effective option. And Carport Central is always committed to helping you get the best metal building at the best price, too!



Metal Building Home Kits

At Carport Central, we’re happy to deliver and install your custom metal home anywhere within our 46-state service area at NO extra charge with purchase. But maybe you’d like to save even more money by putting it up yourself? You can, with one of our DIY steel home kits.

We’ll still design and manufacture your metal home building to suit whatever dimensions and specifications you choose. The only difference is that you can pick up the building materials and install them yourself for a discount! Our metal building kits come with all the building materials you’ll need for installation, including everything down to fasteners and anchors. Got questions? One of our friendly building specialists will be happy to answer them for you!


Carport Central Has You Covered!

Carport Central is the premier online provider of custom metal structures in America, period. We partner with the best local metal building manufacturers, and we serve almost all of the Lower 48 states. Nobody beats our building selection and customization options, and our in-house engineering team is second-to-none.

But beyond that, another thing that truly sets us apart is the fact that we have the best team of metal building specialists in the business. OH, and we have the best metal building financing solutions in the entire industry too, including some attractive metal building home mortgage options!

You can reach out to us online, or to connect even faster, just pick up the phone and call us at (980) 321-9898 today!

Experience the Carport Central difference. At Carport Central, What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us.


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