What Makes 26-Gauge PBR Panels Better for Metal Buildings?

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Metal Buildings and PBR Panels

Metal buildings have been a popular solution for carport, garage, storage shed, and barn applications in backyards for generations. But today’s custom metal structures – and those engineered with Carport Central metal building components in particular – can be used for a much wider scope of building applications, ranging from barndominiums and metal building homes, to farm buildings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and more.

And it’s not just the steel tube framing itself that’s been made better. The quality of the custom metal panels now available has also improved, including the option to include PBR 26-gauge panels on your new metal building.


What Does PBR Stand for?

PBR can represent different things for different people. In the common vernacular, PBR is an abbreviation for several popular entities:

  • PBR = Professional Bull Riding. If you’re a fan of bull riding as a sport, then you probably associate PBR with the professional bull riding organization that’s based out of Colorado.
  • PBR = Pabst Blue Ribbon. Pabst Blue Ribbon is an American lager beer sold by Pabst Brewing Company for more than 150 years. If you’re an American beer connoisseur, then you’ve probably heard Pabst Blue Ribbon abbreviated as PBR.
  • PBR = Purlin Bearing Ribs. In terms of metal building components, PBR is known to stand for purlin-bearing rib panels. PBR panels were first developed to use as sheeting for metal roofs.


PBR Means Purlin-Bearing Rib Panels

Purlin-bearing rib panels – more commonly known as PBR panels – are regularly used for a number of rugged building types, including architectural, agricultural, commercial, and industrial. PBR panels are known to be more rugged and durable than standard panels and work equally well for both roof and side paneling applications. Purlins are building components that provide support for the roof structure, but PBR panel applications aren’t limited just to roofs. PBR panels can just as easily be attached to girts (support members for building walls), as well.


How PBR Panels Work

The difference between a standard R-panel and a PBR panel is that PBR panels include a larger section that completely overlaps the adjacent panel. This creates better metal-to-metal contact, thus yielding a stronger, more secure connection which provides for better overall weather tightness. PBR panels are a more durable, lower-maintenance alternative to conventional metal paneling for roofs and side walls alike. The PBR profile delivers extra protection against wind and moisture infiltration, thanks to the inclusion of signature purlin-bearing legs.


But How Do PBR Panels Look?

That’s certainly a fair question. And the answer is this: PBR metal panels include deep ribs and exposed fasteners that can add shape, dimension, and texture to any structure. It should be noted that PBR panels look equally great on both roof applications and wall applications. If you’re interested in creating a signature aesthetic that goes beyond the visual capabilities offered by standard R-panels, PBR panels can help deliver the look you really want. It’s been said that PBR panels give you a “leg up” on other panel designs, and our metal building customers have found that to be true in more ways than one.


What Are Some Advantages of PBR Panels for Metal Buildings?

When it comes to metal buildings, there are two types of steel panels that have risen to the forefront: R-panels and PBR panels. PBR panels offer several advantages over R-panels, especially when produced with a thicker 26-gauge steel:


  • At Carport Central, our PBR panels are fabricated with more robust 26-gauge steel, as opposed to the thinner 29-gauge steel more commonly used with standard R-panels.
  • The taller rib height of the 26-gauge PBR panel adds both texture and strength.
  • The complete overlap provided by PBR panels equals better metal-to-metal joining, meaning greater strength and better weatherproofing capabilities. The weaker connection of R-panels can lead to more leak threats, especially during windy conditions. PBR panels offer a better solution when it comes to watertight protection.
  • R-panels are more susceptible to crimping or buckling, but a stronger 26-gauge PBR panel can sustain greater forces and stresses without suffering any structural compromise.


Get a FREE Upgrade to PBR Panels on Your New Metal Buildings from Carport Central for a Limited Time!

Hopefully, we’ve established many of the advantages of choosing 26-gauge PBR panels for your new metal building in this blog. And here’s some more really good news, too. You can get a FREE upgrade* to our new PBR 26-Gauge panels right now, by choosing to purchase a 30’-wide metal building or larger from Carport Central!

Our PBR panels are more durable & dependable, and they also offer a sleek profile that’s ideal for use in both residential and commercial applications. Our panels also include a 40-year warranty against color fading or chalking, too. If you appreciate industrial-grade strength, you’ll love the value that our PBR panels add to your custom building solution.

Don’t delay! Call (980) 321-9898 now to take advantage of this limited-time 26-gauge PBR paneling FREE upgrade offer from Carport Central!

*Upgrade applies to vertical paneling only. Offer available in select areas.


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