Why Metal Buildings are Still Big in Texas

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Why Metal Buildings are Still Big in Texas


What Makes Texas Different

Texas is the second largest U.S. state in terms of both area and population. Only Alaska is bigger in terms of size, and only California has more people. Heck, the Republic of Texas was even its own sovereign North American nation from 1835 to 1846! Even today, there are still a number of die-hard Texans who’d like nothing more than to see Texas become its own country. Throughout their history, Texans have fought to preserve their own unique sense of culture and identity; it’s no accident that Texas has come to be known as the Lone Star State!

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Including Metal Buildings!

Land and population aren’t the only things that are big about Texas, either. Texas continues to be the nation’s largest producer of commodities like oil, cattle, and cotton. Booming industries like these are part of the reason that Texas has some of the highest demand for metal buildings in all of the United States.

Consider the North Texas Area

Let’s look closer at the region known as North Texas. When folks talk about North Texas, they’re really referring to the north-central area that’s anchored around the Golden Triangle of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton. The Golden Triangle is the largest combined metropolitan area in Texas, and it’s also surrounded by plenty of open land for residential, business, and agricultural pursuits. When you put all of that together, it’s no wonder that metal buildings are big in North Texas! 

North Texas Is Growing, and So Is Its Need for Metal Buildings

What’s fueling the growth of North Texas, and what makes metal buildings so popular here? There are really several contributing factors, but here are just a few worth mentioning:

  1. Commercial Hub The Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton combined area is a large hub for business and industry. These growing companies also need to room to grow, and light-gauge steel buildings are a rugged, cost-effective way for these businesses and industries to meet their increasing space needs.
  2. Business-Friendly Why do so many companies flock to North Texas? It’s really a combination of many things, including available land, low taxes, available skilled workers, and local governments who actively recruit a wide range of businesses. Not coincidentally, there were some 24 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies located in Dallas-Fort Worth alone as of 2019.
  3. Lots of People Population growth has been nothing short of exponential in North Texas over the past decade, and experts predict that the Dallas-Fort Worth area could lead the nation in metropolitan population growth through 2029. With so many people continuing to converge upon North Texas to make their homes and make their living, the need for dependable metal buildings will continue to be great for some time to come.
  4. Lots of Land Another factor that’s fueled the growth of North Texas is the fact that there’s plenty of available land. Most urban areas in the country can become quite crowded due to limited space, but land is pretty easy to come by here. Because it’s easier and more economical to build in North Texas than it is in many other places, folks and businesses continue to come.
  5. Homesteads, Farms, & Ranches Many people here choose the benefits of rural living, even if it means having to commute into the city for work. And folks that live out in the country often have use for a steel building. Factor in the many farms and ranches that surround the Golden Triangle, and you’ll notice no small amount of metal barns, hay sheds, horse stables, and livestock shelters.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Metal Buildings in North Texas?

In order to keep homes, farms, ranches, and businesses running smoothly, many North Texans find that a sturdy steel facility is one of the best investments they can make. Some of the ways that Carport Central has seen its North Texas customers make use of their custom steel building include the following:

  • Shelters for agricultural equipment like tractors, combines, and farm vehicles
  • Warehouse and workshop space
  • Dry storage for seed, feed, crops, and farm supplies
  • Horse barns and hay barns
  • Livestock storage, breeding, and production facilities
  • Commercial facilities for gas and oilfield operations
  • Office and administrative space
  • Both permanent and temporary lodging quarters for work crews
  • RV covers
  • Carports and garages for personal vehicles
  • Barndominiums and other custom-designed residential facilities

Trust Carport Central for Your TX Metal Building Needs

Are you a Texan homeowner or business in need of a rugged, reliable, affordable metal structure? Look no further than Carport Central! We’re proud to source the very best steel buildings in Texas! Each of our metal buildings is produced by a manufacturer that’s local to Texas, and we’re happy to say we source American steel, too. We also provide you with an almost endless variety of customization options, so you can get the exact metal building you need for your unique situation. Essentially, if you can think of it, we can help make it happen for you! Carport Central really is the best choice for your TX steel building solution:

  • We’re one of the top online metal structure providers, not just in the great state of Texas, but across the continental United States
  • We have extensive experience partnering with Texas farmers, agricultural businesses, and gas & oilfield industries
  • Our exclusive 3D Building Modeler is an easy-to-use online tool which lets you design your OWN ideal metal building, right from the comfort of your couch
  • Delivery & installation is INCLUDED with your metal building purchase, all for no additional charge!
  • We offer the best financing, layaway, and rent-to-own options you’ll find anywhere across the metal building industry
  • Nobody beats our level of customer experience and personalized customer service!

Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal structure in Texas; we’re about Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life. Reach out to us online, or simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and let one of our friendly building specialists show you the Carport Central difference!


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