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A metal building is a collective name for structures made with steel such as steel garages, metal sheds, metal barns, & warehouses. Metal buildings are used for multiple purposes such as additional storage, vehicles, work places, and to protect your valuable assets.

Top Selling Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Sale

At Carport Central, we want you to find the perfect metal building or steel structure at the best price. We understand the value of our customers and their requirements to purchase a metal structure, and we want to make sure we can help our customers get the perfectly customized metal building with easy customization and color options. Out of all the different structures that can be used for outdoor storage and other purposes, almost nothing beats prefabricated metal buildings, also known as steel buildings. These metal structures can be as small as 12’ wide and as large as 70’ wide.

With over hundreds of custom options for metal buildings, we are not limited to roof styles or color choices, but we offer customization for all types of steel building components such as walls, anchors, gables, panels, doors, windows and many more. All you need to do is just make a call and one of our experienced building experts at Carport Central will get you covered with the best solution.

Metal Building Types

With a best range of metal garages, sheds and commercial metal buildings, Carport Central is Nation’s largest metal building supplier for all sizes and designs. Take a look at some of the customized metal buildings available for sale at Carport Central below.

Prefab Metal Buildings

Prefab Metal Buildings

When you choose Carport Central, you’re buying a metal building from the experts, with more than 30 building specialists on call to help you. Whether you’re looking for a place to keep your vehicle dry and protected from the elements, or if you’re looking to store an entire car collection, Carport Central can customize a steel garage kit to meet your needs. Our prefab metal buildings can be customized to meet variable leg heights, large equipment storage, lifts, woodworking machines, metal and welding space, and more.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

Our metal buildings are designed and fabricated to exact standards and include many features that other companies do not offer. Our commitment to quality makes Carport Central commercial steel building kits more durable and versatile to use. Whether you need a low-rise office building, restaurant, vehicle dealership, auto repair shop, car wash, tire store, or even a medical clinic, our commercial steel structures offer the best value for your money. We simply offer the best prices on commercial steel buildings.

Clear Span Metal Buildings

Clear Span Metal Buildings

Also known as free-span structures, these metal buildings require no interior columns or support. Our metal building manufacturers provide certified metal buildings that can maximize the amount of usable space and ensure that there is plenty of room to maneuver and operate machinery. No matter where this metal building is placed, the Clear-Span Metal Building can be designed to meet local building codes and snow or wind loads.

Metal Workshop Buildings

Metal Workshop Buildings

All Carport Central prefabricated workshop buildings are engineered to withstand high wind speeds and snow loads. Combine that with our FREE delivery and installation in more than 40 states across the country, and you’ll find that our prices on delivered and installed metal workshops are better than any other company. Need a place to store tools, work on your carpentry projects, or fix your cars and bikes? We’ve got your workshop needs covered at the best prices. Carport Central is the industry leader, and our home workshops are among the most popular buildings we sell thanks to our uncompromising quality, customer service, and cost savings for you.

12-GA Metal Buildings

12-GA Metal Buildings

What’s the difference between 14-gauge and 12-gauge steel framing? The answer to that question is very simple: strength and value. Stronger steel framing means your metal building will not only be more weather-resistant but will add more property value to your home or land.

Metal Building Roof Styles

Metal Buildings have three types of roof styles, each with its own unique advantage for your structure.

Vertical Roof Style

Vertical Roof Style

Perfect for heavy snowfall or rain, the vertical roof is grooved to allow dirt and precipitation to exit off the sides. The Vertical roof is recommended for any building longer than 36’. Vertical roof is the top-of-the-line in metal building roof styles. This roof style has sheet panels that run down vertically from the top to the eaves, with a ridge cap to cover the panel joints at the peak of the building. The vertical roof style is A-frame, but the panels are placed vertically, making it the best choice for areas that experience heavy snow. With vertical panels, snow won’t over-accumulate as it slopes down easily off the roof.

A-Frame Roof Style

A-Frame Roof Style

The A-frame roof style is also referred to as a Boxed-Eave style; this roof style has an A-frame structure with horizontal panels that run from front to back. This A-frame roof design is good for areas that can receive some bad weather, but it’s not recommended for heavy snow and wind protection.

Regular Roof Style

Regular Roof Style

This is the most economical option of roof style for steel structures and is a popular choice for many residential and agricultural buildings. This roof has a curvy style, with sheet panels that run horizontally from front to back. In regular roof buildings, bow trim covers the bended transitions of the legs and roof bows. If you don’t see heavy snow or wind in your region, this regular roof style is a good solution for your parking or storage utilities.

Metal Building Sizes

  • We offer steel structures or buildings of any size to fit your needs
  • Building width size starts at a standard width of 12’ and we can build it as wide as you need with the proper support
  • Any building wider than 32’ will require a lift at the installation site
  • Industry standard length for a building is 21’, but Carport Central can customize the length starting from 21’ and extending the length by 5’ framing increments
  • Carport Central can customize the height of your prefab metal building structure from 6’ up to 14’. Some manufacturers offer 20’ high side walls, so check with our team of customer service representatives to learn about the height available in your area
  • Any custom metal building 14’ tall must be 18’ or wider

Metal Building Colors

We offer a wide selection of metal building color options for you to choose from. You can also opt for a two-tone color scheme to help create an even better visual blend with your other surrounding buildings. You can customize the color of your roof, side panels, and trim of your structure. See some of our metal building color options below:


Advanced Building Options and Elements

  • Additional options such as gable ends, and side panels can add strength to your structure
  • Garage sheds and workshop structures can be customized with walk in doors, windows, and roll-up doors for larger projects
  • Anchors keep us grounded! Not only do anchors keep the custom metal buildings & structures in place, but we have special anchors depending on the type of base you have for your carport or custom metal building

Metal Building Gauge

The first thing to understand is the gauge system. Gauge is the measurement used to indicate standard thickness of the metal. In the gauge system, the higher the number, the thinner the steel. So, for example, 12-gauge steel is thicker and stronger than 14-gauge steel. Our 12-gauge framing is 2¼” x 2¼” in diameter and has a higher tensile strength, providing for higher snow load and wind load capacity. We recommend 12-gauge steel for areas with heavy snow and high wind loads, as well as for carports that are 10’ or more in height, or 30’ or more in width.

Steel Framing for Metal Buildings

  • Pick from 12-gauge or 14- gauge steel framing to frame your new metal building
  • Both materials are strong and tested to withstand the elements
  • We offer a 20-year rust through warranty on 12-gauge steel framing

Certification of Steel Buildings

Many local rules require certification for occupied structures. We can provide the building plans for the inspection, just let our customer service representatives know your plan to have the building certified.

Metal Building Certification Codes

  • Certified Metal Buildings for 105 MPH Wind and 20 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 105 MPH Wind and 65 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 105 MPH Wind and 35 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 105 MPH Wind and 40 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 115 MPH Wind and 65 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 115 MPH Wind and 70 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 115 MPH Wind and 90 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 140 MPH
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 140 MPH Wind and 30 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 140 MPH Wind and 35 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 140 MPH Wind and 30 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 140 MPH Wind and 45 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 150 MPH
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 170 MPH
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 170 MPH Wind and 30 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 170 MPH Wind and 35 PSF Snow Load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 30 LBS
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 40 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 50 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 60 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 65 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 70 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 80 LBS Snow load
  • Certified Metal Buildings for 90 LBS Snow load

You can opt for the 12-gauge upgrade option with any of these certification codes. All the building codes and certifications vary based on the state of installation and the building permit requirements.

How Metal Buildings can be more robust to stand against high flood

Custom Metal buildings have more advantages over other types of construction especially when exposed to floods. High quality metal is unaffected by flooding. Metal buildings are one of the structures that you can find standing after floods and are mold resistant after a flood. Metal is also resistant to corrosion because they do not break down in excess moisture. Since metal buildings do not contain wood where mold thrives, mold is eliminated. When wooden buildings are exposed to flooding, they rot and all the wood has to be replaced. Since metal sheets do not absorb moisture and they do not weaken or rot. When water gets into wood, below the surface where paint has been applied, it warps and rots, which will severely damage the surface. With metal the under layers are unharmed, and the surface layer of paint remains undisturbed. Whereas a wooden home would need to have wood replaced and re-painted, a metal home would not. You can customize all types of metal buildings with us, we at Carport Central focus on understanding our customers custom metal building requirements our experts can guide you throughout the process. Just fill a quick form at contact us or talk to our representative at toll free number (844) 860-4950 to get your dream metal building installed at your site.


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