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5 Most Popular Sizes for Barndominiums

By Carport Central   |   Posted In: Barndominiums

Metal barndominiums continue to grow in popularity across America, and for a good reason. Check out the helpful infographic presented by Carport Central to learn more!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this infographic:

What’s a barndominium?

It’s essentially what it sounds like – a cross between a barn and a condominium. It resembles a metal barn outside, but inside it can be designed and finished any way you like.

  • Barndo benefits
  • Honestly, there’s a lot to like about a barndo. This style of the building lends itself well to residential needs and other applications.

  • Open design
  • A barndominium has a wide-open design you can tailor any way you want!

  • Multipurpose structure
  • Need a place where you can live, work, or both? Barndominiums are great solutions!

  • All the benefits of metal
  • There are many specific benefits when it comes to choosing a metal structure. Steel is sturdy & long-lasting, plus it’s resilient to weather, fire, & pests!

Popular sizes for barndos

Here are a few popular barndo size options:

  • 30×40 barndominium
  • A 30 x 40 barndominium offers 1200 square feet of usable interior space – that’s actually as much square footage as is contained in a typical 2-3 bedroom ranch-style home!

  • 40×75 barndominium
  • A 40 x 75 barndominium is a very popular choice for residential applications, because it’s the perfect size for multipurpose use within a site plan that’s still relatively compact.

  • 60×70 barndominium
  • What could you do with a 60 x 70 barndominium? Pretty much anything you want! 4200 square feet of completely customizable interior space lends itself to all sorts of practical applications.

Check out the full infographic from Carport Central to learn more!

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