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Church in the United States

Whether you are in the Bible Belt of the South, the deserts of the West, or the snowy landscapes of the North, the church is a big part of American life. Most Americans attend church services at least once a year, but what are churches in the United States usually like?


  • Churches in the United States are both big and small.
    • There are 1218 megachurches in the country. These are churches with more than 3000 people in attendance for worship services.
    • At 59%, the majority of people who frequently attend church, however, attend churches with weekly turnouts of less than 100.
  • You can expect most congregations to have about 75 people on Sunday morning.
  • 350,000 people in the United States take part in church worship services regularly.
  • If you asked the United States population if they went to church this weekend, 40% will say that they did.


As you can see, the church is a big part of life for many people in the United States. People in these congregations need buildings to gather in. That’s where we come in. Metal church buildings from Carport Central fit perfectly into the life of the American churchgoer.


Choosing the Right Size

If you are looking to start a new church or get a new building for your current church, we definitely suggest a prefab church building. There are lots of size possibilities, and choosing the right size for your steel church building is extremely important. We understand that deciding what dimensions are right could be difficult, so we have compiled a list of things to remember when planning your new metal church building design.

• Before You Start

First and foremost, be realistic. We know that you want your church to grow, but, if you usually have 100 people in attendance, you do not need a building that can hold 1000 people.

• The Parking Lot

You need enough parking spaces for all of the people in attendance. While some families may have five people in the car and other cars only have the driver, you should count on each car bringing 2.25 people. That means you need about 45 parking spots if you have 100 people attending. Keep in mind, between 100-120 parking spots fit in one acre of land.

• The Sanctuary

When it comes to height, most churches like to design the worship area to be tall and spacious. Part of the reason for this is that it tends to draw your eyes upwards, and symbolically that is said to help one focus on God. The average sanctuary in America is a one-story structure with an interior height of 24 feet. But what about the building width and length? That will require a little research and study on your part.

You want each person to have enough space. For congregations of 300 or less, the general estimate is 15-17 square feet per person. For congregations of over 300, anywhere from 12-24 square feet is allowed per person, depending upon the specifics of your gathering space design and seating arrangement. If you use pews in your metal church building design, you’ll need to plan for the higher end of that spectrum. Using individual chairs actually requires less square footage per person.

• All Other Spaces

There is more to a church than the parking lot and the sanctuary. There are also classrooms, offices, and storage areas.

  • For the classrooms, you should allot 12 square feet per person.
  • Hallways should be 6 to 8 feet wide to prevent congestion.
  • Give each person in the administration, the pastor included, about 200 square feet of space for their offices.
  • Give more space than you think you need for storage and janitorial areas. The space needs of these areas are almost always underestimated.

Metal Church Building

Our Most Popular Sizes

Now that you have an idea of how to decide what size steel church building you need, we wanted to let you know the standard buildings that we have available. Here are the most common sizes of prefab church buildings our customers usually choose.

1. 40×60 Church

A 40×60 metal church building is a great option for religious institutions that are looking to expand their current facilities. This building offers 2400 square feet of usable space, and makes a great gym, fellowship hall, or Sunday School classroom extension. It is also a great option for churches to park their vans and buses.

2. 50×100 Church

This building has 5000 square feet of usable space and is usually a clear span building. Clear span buildings are a style of metal buildings that do not have any support posts in the center of the usable space. This is great for churches, because who wants giant support posts in the middle of their sanctuary? Our clear span buildings help make sure that you have a clear view of your worship service no matter what.

3. 100×100 Church

The 100×100 steel church building gives you and your congregation 10,000 square feet of usable space. This is enough room to have a sanctuary, several classrooms, bathrooms, a choir loft, and office spaces. This building size is for an entire church building, not an extension like one of the previous options. This could also be used by a church-run school for classrooms and an auditorium combined.

4. 100×200 Church

This is the ideal multipurpose church building. With dimensions of 100×200 square feet, it gives you 20,000 square feet of usable space. This is large enough to house your entire church and all of its needs. You could have the sanctuary, classrooms, offices, storage spaces, and fellowship hall all in one. This would be incredibly convenient, as you could easily coordinate and plan events in one big, connected building.

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Making Your Church Your Own

We know that our metal church buildings for sale will require a lot of customization to transform into the steel church building of your dreams. At Carport Central, we offer a wealth of customization options.  The structure is really important, and we have lots of customization features that affect that. As you already know, you can customize the size of your prefab church building. You can also customize the style of doors and windows your building has. Other customizations include the gauge of the steel framing, the foundation and foundation anchor type, and the type of certifications the building has. Possible certifications include wind and snow loads.


The feature that most of our customers enjoy customizing is the color. After all, the color is the first thing people will notice about your metal building structure. We know that you want your church to be eye-catching, so why not choose an eye-catching color? We offer fourteen standard color options, and three premium color options. The standard options are: charcoal, pewter gray, black, white, barn red, green, tan, pebble beige, sandstone, brown, clay, slate blue, galvalume, and burgundy. The premium options are: burnished slate, copper, and crimson red.


Why Build a Church with Steel?

We know that steel may not be the first material that comes to mind when you think about building a church. Traditionally, most churches have been made of brick, stone, or wood. However, steel is a better material in several ways. Here are eight benefits of building with steel:

1. Weather-resistant

Whether your steel church building is faced with rain or snow, it will stand strong against Mother Nature. Our metal buildings are made to channel all water and debris off of the top of your steel structure in order to protect you and everything stored inside.

2. Pest-resistant

Steel is stronger than the teeth and claws of pests and creepy crawlers. You will not have to worry about bugs or animals getting into your Sunday School classrooms, offices, or fellowship hall kitchen.

3. Mold & mildew resistant

Mold and mildew make spaces unsafe. Steel gives no space for either of these to grow, as no moisture passes through the strong steel walls.

4. Cost-effective

Steel is a cost-effective option, especially in the long run. You will not have to pay for frequent maintenance and repairs. There are no shingles to replace and no walls that need repainting. All of the costly repairs you would have with other building materials are not an issue with strong steel.

5. Long-lasting

Steel has a much longer lifetime than other materials, and it stays as strong as it was on day one the entire time.

6. Open concept

Large steel buildings are usually clear span buildings. This means that there are no support posts in the main areas. You have lots of clear, open concept space!

7. Fire-resistant

Fire is a devastating thing. It would be especially devastating if a fire destroyed a building like a church that serves so many people. While nothing is exactly fireproof, a great thing about steel is that it does not burn like wood does. So, your building is safer against flames.

8. Low maintenance

We mentioned it once already, but steel buildings do not require the same maintenance that other materials do. There is no paint to touch up, no shingles to repair, and no boards to replace.


How Much Will It Cost?

The metal church buildings for sale at Carport Central are the highest quality metal buildings on the market. We know you might be wondering about the price. We cannot give you a flat rate, but we can assure you that you are getting the best of the best. There are several things that affect the cost of your steel church building. Its size, added customizations, location, and the manufacturer we use in your location are some of those factors.

We have two different financing programs to help you pay for your metal building. The first program is our Rent-to-Own program. There are no credit checks with this program, and you will know whether or not you are approved in a matter of minutes. The second program is our Financing program. You will be able to pay off your structure at any time with this program.


Choose a Church Kit

We also offer high-quality metal church building kits. These are just like our normal metal church buildings, except you install them yourself. You even get a discount for doing so!

Your kit comes with everything you need to install your new prefab church building. Here are the components you can expect to find:

  • Metal framing
  • Wall panels
  • Roof panels
  • Screws and fasteners
  • Foundation anchors
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Any other customization features


What Carport Central Can Do for You

Carport Central is the best provider of metal buildings on the market. If you need a steel church building, look no further. We specialize in providing the highest quality metal structures that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Your church will stand strong when you work with us. Not only that, but by working with us, you get the best metal building specialists in the industry. Our team is knowledgeable and ready to help you whenever you need us. Call today at (980) 217-0441 and see what Carport Central can do for you!


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