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30x50 Metal Garage with Side Entry

Steel Workshop Buildings and Structures

A Place for Work and a Place for Rest

Carport Central has a variety of custom metal building types, and one of the most diverse is the workshop. Unlike our metal carports, the primary purpose of a metal workshop structure isn’t necessarily to protect vehicles, although it can be used that way as well. Many of our customers use this particular type of structure as an enclosed space to complete their work while staying out of harm’s way from the elements. Additionally, we can build large workshops used as a gathering space, or perhaps you need an area to play music without disturbing anyone else- there are many ways these metal workshops can be utilized.

Our custom metal workshop buildings come in a large variety of options, with full customization on roof style, colors, and window trims. We offer different color options for the roof, side panel, and workshop doors. We also have custom doors, including electric or roll-up. Electric doors aren’t available in every area so check with one of our representatives if that’s a feature you desire. We can also insulate the structure to keep you warm in those harsh winter months that would otherwise stop you from working on your projects or harm whatever you may have stored in the workshop.

We use 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel for our custom metal workshops, depending what your specific needs are. Our workshops also have a one-year workmanship guarantee because we build our structures with the utmost care and quality possible. This dedication to customer service and satisfaction is what sets us apart from other metal building companies; we’re with you throughout the entire process.

If you’re interested in one of our custom metal workshops structures, please contact one of our customer service representatives today to find out what Carport Central can do for you. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate, so give us a call!

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Finish your custom steel structure with something sturdy that will stand up against the elements. All roof styles can be certified for structural integrity, but finding the right roof type for your climate and need is important. We have many different metal buldings for sale and many options to customize your structure. You want to find a strong roof type that fits with your home and will stand up best to the elements. Talk to our customer service representatives to learn more about which roof type is best for you.

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