RV Carport Prices

Why store your precious RV offsite somewhere, when you can keep it effectively and conveniently covered right in your own backyard! An RV metal carport is a steel structure designed to give superior protection for your RV, motorhome, camper, or boat. An RV metal cover from Carport Central is also useful for sheltering commercial equipment, farm vehicles, and more!

18x56 Utility RV Carport

Benefits of Choosing a Steel RV Carport

What’s to like about having your own custom-made RV carport from Carport Central? What’s there not to like! For starters, a prefab steel RV carport won’t succumb to moisture in the same way that a wooden carport or cover will. Steel doesn’t rot like wood, and it also offers incredibly reliable protection from sun, wind, rain, snow, and the other elements. Termites, rodents, and other pests really aren’t a factor where steel is concerned, either. Worried about fire threats to your structure? Steel doesn’t burn, and you can provide even more secure protection for your items by adding steel panels the sides of your RV cover.

Steel is also a more flexible construction material than wood or aluminum in terms of design and functionality. You can get your RV shelter just like you want it, and you can also expand or adapt one of these steel structures in the future if your needs should ever change. Steel RV carports are also simple to maintain. While most other comparable structures would require frequent painting or staining, you won’t have those worries with one of our shelters. And keeping it clean is really pretty easy – you can just hose it off or use a pressure washer for an occasional deeper cleaning. 

Metal RV Carport Roof Styles

Metal buildings typically come with three separate roof style options, and RV carports are no different in that regard:

  • Regular RV Carports

The regular style metal RV carport kit is our classic design, with a rounded roof that resembles the look of a barn. It’s also our most economical roof option. The roof sheeting runs horizontally from front to back. This style of roof is very popular for smaller applications, and it’s an option we’re glad to offer for a single or double RV carport.

  • A-Frame RV Carports

Also known as boxed-eave RV canopies or carports, this roof style is popular among those who wish for their RV shelter to better match the look of a typical house roof. The A-frame roof sheeting runs horizontally, just like that of a regular roof. One advantage that the A-frame has over a regular roof is that its design is more sturdy and better equipped for handling more significant weather.

  • Vertical RV Carports

The vertical style RV cover is our premium RV carport offering. The roof is A-framed, but a key difference is that it’s also reinforced with extra bracing and supports. Another distinction of the vertical style RV shelter is the vertical roof sheeting; this enables rain and snow to flow off even more easily. Vertical roof structures can also be built much wider than regular roof or A-frame roof structures.

How Can You Use a Metal RV Carport?

Obviously a metal RV carport is great for sheltering RVs, but there are several other potential applications you can take advantage of as well. Here are just a few ways we’ve seen our customers use their custom RV carports:

  • RV and boat covers
  • Parking areas for personal vehicles
  • Covers for tractors and other farm equipment
  • Shelters for dry firewood and other outside items
  • Pool-side cabanas
  • Picnic shelters
  • Outdoor hobby area and covered space for completing projects

RV Carport Prices

So, what will an RV carport from Carport Central end up costing you? Less than you may realize! The final cost of your building will be based on several factors, including your chosen building size and design, roof style, and whatever customization options you may want. None of our structures come out of a box or off of a shelf – each one is custom-made to order! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Metal building size

You’re probably aware of this, but the bigger your metal structure, the more it will cost. But this is also generally true – your cost per square foot actually goes down as the size of the building gets larger. In other words, the bigger your structure, the more cost-effective it typically is to build.

  • Building design and complexity

One benefit of choosing a light-gauge steel structure is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing your building design. There are many popular styles of RV carports we offer, but you can also create your own custom building plan with our simple-to-use 3D Design Tool. You can do it all from anyplace you have internet access, on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. How convenient is that?

  • Customizations

With Carport Central, you have many customization options that you may choose for your structure. The options you end up selecting will then help to decide your RV cover’s final price:

🤔 Which roof style would you prefer – regular, A-frame horizontal, or vertical?

🤔 Do you want your structure to be open-air, partially-enclosed, or fully-enclosed?

🤔 Would you like standard 14-gauge steel framing, or would you prefer to go with our more rugged 12-gauge?

🤔 Standard 29-gauge steel paneling, or how about an upgrade to our sturdier 26-gauge?

🤔 We currently have 15 standard color options available at no extra charge (color selection may vary based on your location), or you can choose one of our premium colors with a slight upcharge. You can also go with an attractive two-tone or wainscot look if you decide to add side paneling.

  • Certification options

Depending on where you’re installing, wind and/or snow load certification may be required in your area. Or perhaps you’d just prefer to have the peace of mind that comes with owning a certified metal RV carport. Carport Central is happy to offer certification to meet any desired specifications; prices vary depending upon your chosen certification package.

  • World steel market

Carport Central only sources the best steel, and sometimes steel material prices can vary based on conditions with the worldwide steel market. What a steel structure cost a few years back may not be a good predictor of steel material costs today. The good news is that you can lock in your price with us for up to a year by making your order deposit now. What’s great about that is that even if material prices do go up in the meantime, your quoted building price won’t!

  • Site foundation

What type of foundation will you choose for your RV cover? Concrete? Asphalt? Gravel? Something else? (NOTE: Carport Central doesn’t provide ground preparation or paving services.) The good news is that the foundation you choose is completely up to you. If your intended metal structure usage doesn’t call for needing a paved foundation, then you don’t have to spend the money to pour one! Our install teams have anchors that will work for practically any installation surface.

RV Carport Delivery & Installation

And speaking of installation, getting your steel RV carport delivered and installed can be an additional cost to factor in with other dealers. But not with Carport Central! We INCLUDE delivery and installation within our 46-state service area, all for no extra charge! And thanks to our exclusive relationships with top manufacturers and installers, we’ll get your building faster than our competitors, too!

The Best Metal RV Carports Come from Carport Central!

Carport Central is proud to source America with the very best in steel buildings and structures. Each of our metal structures is custom fabricated by a local American manufacturer, and we’re proud to source American steel, too. When it comes to your metal building, if you can dream it, we can help to make it happen for you!

  • We’re one of the top online metal structure providers serving the continental United States
  • We have extensive experience in every style, size, and application of metal structures – including the best RV covers!
  • Our easy-to-use 3D Building Creator tool allows you to create your OWN ideal building plan, all from the comfort of your own couch
  • We offer the best financing, layaway, and rent-to-own options you’ll find anywhere
  • Nobody beats our high standards of customer experience and customer service!

Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal building or structure; we’re about Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life. Reach out to us online, or just give us a call at (980) 321-9898, and let one of our friendly building specialists show you the Carport Central difference. Let’s get started today!

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