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Southern Farm Show

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  • February 1 - 3, 2017

  • 9 am to 4 pm

  • NC State Fairgrounds
    Raleigh, 27607

  • Free Admission
    & Parking

Southern Farm Show

Visit the Display, Talk to the Experts, Know the Utility and Make the Decision –  With Carport Central at Southern Farm Show 2017

No doubt anyone that has any interest in the agricultural industry looks forward to this time of year. It’s time for the most prestigious and exciting Southern farm show Raleigh NC 2017 exposition. This is a three day trade show that never disappoints any of those who attend, and this year’s lineup of exhibits and events holds something for everyone.

What The Southern Farm Show Raleigh NC 2017 Is All About?

The Southern Farm Show 2017 allows exhibitors to come together in one central place to display what they have to offer to the agricultural community. The farm show schedule allows visitors to visit the various distributor displays and learn about what products and services are new for their industry and ask important questions.

The Exhibitors

The two things that you will want to have handy when attending the farm show 2017 is the farm show schedule and the southern farm show exhibitor map.

The southern farm show Raleigh NC 2017 exhibitors that attend the Southern farm show 2017 represent almost every aspect of farming and agricultural requirements that could possibly be thought of or needed. These range from all types of equipment, a full selection of vehicles, different types of buildings and real estate, and the list goes on. All of which you can see and where they are located by checking the farm show southern farm show exhibitor map.

The Importance of the Southern Farm Show 2017 Exhibitors

Visiting the Southern farm show 2017 exhibitors serves to be an important part of the activities that are enjoyed here at the Southern Farm Show for a variety of reasons.

  • The southern farm show Raleigh NC 2017 allows visitors to see what is new in the industry.
  • It provides an opportunity to see demonstrations that the exhibitors put on display.
  • It allows those within this industry to meet with agricultural representatives and ask pertinent questions applicable to the consumer’s needs.
  • Exhibitors get the opportunity to listen to the concerns and discover new wants and needs of those in the industry so they can better their goods and products for the future.

Carport Central as an Southern Farm Show 2017 Exhibitor

For us here at Carport Central we are most excited about exhibiting at the Southern Farm Show 2017 as it gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet new clients. It allows us to show them all that we have to offer with our wide selection of carports, garages, barns, RV covers and workshops. These are all types of buildings that are most important for the agricultural industry. We take pride in being able to showcase our quality and affordability  of  buildings geared towards the agricultural industry, to such a large gathering like that which takes place every year at the Southern Farm Show. Be sure to check out our location on the southern farm show exhibitor map.

The Events Listed On the Southern Farm Show Schedule

Meetings and Workshops at the Southern Farm Show Raleigh NC 2017

The events that take place at the Southern farm show 2017 are also very important to the agricultural community. Some of these include meeting and workshops where a lot of valuable and resourceful information is shared. For this year those who attend these gatherings will hear the latest news and trends taking place in the food industry.

Another important meeting will be that which discusses the economy and the agricultural impact as it relates to the State’s future. The agricultural laws and regulations are important to everyone in the agricultural business and at this year’s Southern Farm Show there will be a meeting that visitors to the show can attend. This will help to bring themselves up to date about this, and learn about what may be taking place in the future.

Continuing Education

There is no industry that anyone can be a part of that does not have the ongoing need to learn more about it. This holds true for the farming and agricultural industry and the Southern Farm Show 2017 includes continuing education as part of its roster because it is so important. This show provides the perfect platform for anyone in the agricultural business or has an interest in it to learn more about it.

This year’s lineup for continuing education at the southern farm show Raleigh NC 2017 is a presentation about Spray Nozzle Technology and Droplet Size Management for Effective Coverage and Drift Control. Another great class will be about Managing Difficult Lawn Care Turfgrass Pests in the Southern & Transition Climatic Region.

Other Southern Farm Show Raleigh NC 2017 Happenings

There is plenty of entertainment lined up that is carried through the entire three days that this Southern Farm Show 2017 is taking place. This includes ….

Bluegrass Entertainment

Future Farmers of America Tractor & Truck Driving Competition

Modified Tractors and Trucks at Show

Lumberjack and Chainsaw Safety Show New This Year

The Grand Finale

The Southern Farm Show 2017 will end another wonderful exposition as it has done for the last 32 years with the Southern/National Draft Horse Pull. This event never ceases to stir up a great deal of excitement no matter whether it has been seen in previous years or not. Every year is a new experience as these impressive and large draft horses compete against each other not only for the winning title but for the prize money that goes along with it.

When and Where for the Southern Farm Show Raleigh NC 2017

Dates: February 1-3, 2017

Time: 9 am to 4 pm daily

Location: NC State Fairgrounds, 1025 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27607

Admission and Parking: are Free

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