24x21 Vertical Roof Carport
24x21 Vertical Roof Carport
24x21 Vertical Roof Carport

ITEM : 242110VRC

Starting At: $3,970.00
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You say carport; I say tractorport! Cars and trucks aren’t the only kinds of vehicles that need reliable shelter. Your tractors, lawn, & garden equipment are also significant investments which need to be protected from the elements. A sturdy, vertical-roof metal carport is really a perfect solution! This featured install for a local university also includes some extra side paneling and gable ends for a little extra protection from sun, wind, & rain. It looks great against a clear blue sky, too! This tough steel carport is built to last. It’s simple in design, practical in function, and provides very effective shelter for whatever you need to place underneath. What more could you want?

24×21 Vertical Roof Metal Carport Specs:

The most important feature of any carport (or tractorport!) structure is the roof overhead, and this structure includes the best metal building roof you can get. This sturdy vertical roof provides effective protection from the weather, and also adds to the structural integrity of the building. It’s built on a sturdy A-frame, and comes with fortified bracing and reinforcements to make sure it will stand tall for years to come. How tough is it? This carport is certified to withstand wind loads of 140 mph and snow loads of 30 psf! And the vertical roof paneling is a nice design feature, too – it directs precipitation and debris away from your building with greater ease.

You can purchase this building today with a down payment as low as 15%! Total pricing for this building is $3,970. Just call (980) 553-2214  to learn more about the specs and details and get connected with one of our friendly building experts today. Be sure to mention item number: 242110VRC when you give us a call.

This is a great little metal carport, but maybe you need something a little bigger. Or maybe you’d just like to be able to put your own personal touches on the building design. That’s one of the great things about choosing to partner with Carport Central for your steel structure needs – you can customize your building any way you want! You can start by taking advantage of our exclusive 3D Building Designer to create your own perfect metal structure design. You can access this handy digital tool on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you can save whatever design you create. You can even use your custom design to get your building order started!

Carport Central is your one-stop-shop for steel structures of all sizes, shapes, designs, customizations, and applications. We offer an unsurpassed variety of metal buildings and steel structures, and every building solution we provide is guaranteed to be durable, versatile, and low-maintenance. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we back each structure with a 20-year rust-through warranty on steel framing, a 10-year metal paneling warranty, and a 30-day workmanship warranty.

Reach out and connect with us today, and take the opportunity to experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!

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