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Prefabricated Metal Barn for farm storage featuring 48’ width (total width is 48 where the center section is 24’ wide and lean-tos’ are 12’ wide each) 31’ long (frame is one feet shorter than actual length due to one-foot overhang) 12’ tall (where the lean-tos are 9’ tall)

This 48×30’ Farm Barn Storage features vertical roof style, 1 garage -door of 10×10’ on the center section’s front end, 2 garage doors of 8×8’ on each lean-to’ front wall and two 30×30” windows.

This farm storage barn is strong to withstand heavy wind/snow and durable with added strengths by anchors & braces. Featured 48×30’ farm Storage Barn is no lesser in aesthetics, it has two-tone color matching with trim and roof.

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It’s complete. Jody at Carport Central was a lot of help. My 24x45x11 was installed in less than 24hrs by z man’s crew. Was well worth the wait.

Nathan R. Clark‎


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