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Barn Storage Sheds

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Benefits of Owning a Barn Storage Shed

Steel barn buildings and sheds from Carport Central are a great solution for shelter, storage, workspace, or other uses, and are superior to buildings made from wood, aluminum, or other materials for a number of reasons:

  • Affordable – A metal barn storage shed is more cost-effective than you may realize! Steel structures are comparable to the cost-per-square-foot of a stick build, and they provide you with a much better building. And no more throwing away on offsite storage rental, either. Rather, you can invest in a more convenient storage solution that builds equity right on your own property. Insurance costs are usually less on a metal building than on other comparable buildings, too.
  • Strong and Durable – Unlike some buildings you come across, a steel barn storage shed from Carport Central is built to last! These buildings won’t rot, and they’re engineered to better withstand threats from nature like sun, wind, rain, snow, and pests.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal is easier to clean and requires less maintenance than wood. Plus, the colors of our buildings are infused into the metal during the fabrication process, you won’t have to worry about peeling or fading paint, or needing to repaint in a few years.
  • Faster Installation – Because all of our steel components are precision-engineered and custom-fabricated to order for your structure, installation can be completed much faster than with “traditional” barn building construction. Once the materials are delivered to your site, we can get most sheds installed in a matter of just a day or two.

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Multi-Purpose Barn Storage Sheds

Some of the Application Possibilities for a Barn Storage Shed

A barn storage shed can be used for a great number of applications. Here are just a few ways that customers have chosen to use these versatile steel structures:

  • Horse barn, livestock barn, or facility for hay, grain, or feed storage
  • General purpose storage space for anything you don’t have room to store indoors – lawn and garden equipment, recreational equipment, seasonal decorations, yard sale items, and more!
  • Carport/garage for sheltering personal vehicles, farm vehicles, or both
  • Good facility for housing machinery or other equipment
  • Workshop space for business or hobbies
  • Also can be turned into a man cave, she shed, or some home office space

Three Roof Style Options for a Barn Storage Shed

Regular Roof

The regular roof style has a classic, rounded, traditional “barnlike” look, and is a popular choice; it also happens to be the most economical roof option. It provides reliable protection from sun and rain, and the roof panels run horizontally from front to back. The regular roof is a good option if you choose a smaller building, or live in an area that tends not to get much in the way of heavy precipitation.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof

The A-frame or boxed-eave roof comes closer to resembling the look of a typical house roof design. This is a nice feature, especially if you’d like your barn storage shed to better blend in with your home or other nearby structures. A-frame roof panels are oriented horizontally, like those of a regular roof. However, the A-frame roof is a stronger roof design, and is a preferable choice if you live in an area that can receive some heavier rain or snow.

Vertical Roof

The vertical roof is our top-of-the-line roof option. It’s built on an A-frame, but also features added reinforcement that makes it our strongest design. A vertical roof also features vertically-oriented paneling which allows any rain, snow, or debris to glide off the roof and away from your building more easily. The vertical roof is the best option for facing extreme weather, and is our recommended option for any building, but especially for any with a length of 30′ or greater.

Customization Options for a Barn Storage Shed

At Carport Central, we like to give you options for customizing and personalizing any one of our steel buildings. If you’d like your barn storage shed to include more than just a roof and some walls, you’ve got options!

  • Got a specific building design or purpose in mind? We have several popular designs from which you can choose, or you can even custom design your own building plan from scratch.
  • You also choose your preferred roof style. Each of our steel structures comes in three roof options – the regular roof, the A-frame roof, or our strongest, most recommended option, the vertical roof.
  • Are you in an area that experiences some tough weather, or do you plan to use your building as an industrial facility? Upgrade to our sturdier 12-gauge steel framing and 26-gauge steel sheeting for better security and protection. Another nice feature of partnering with Carport Central is that we can certify your building to meet almost any needed wind or snow load requirements.
  • You decide where to place any desired roll-up doors, walk-in doors, frame-outs, or windows.
  • What about color options? We have a wide array of colors from which you can choose for your roof, siding, and trim.

Size Matters

What size barn storage sheds do we offer at Carport Central? Pretty much any size you may need! Some customers come to us knowing exactly what size dimensions they’re looking for in a building; if that’s you, we can help!

More often than not, though, we have customers have a fair idea of how they want to use their barn building, but they may not be sure what size building would be best. We offer barn storage sheds in popular widths of 36′, 42′, 48′, 54′, and more. Need something smaller? No problem. Want to go bigger? We can provide sheds that are 70′, 80′, 90′, or even 100′ wide. If that’s still not big enough, we can add enclosed lean-tos to each side to extend your building up to 300′ in width!

What About Barn Storage Shed Pricing?

When it comes to making a significant investment in protecting your outdoor animals, vehicles, items, and other goods, we understand that price still matters. And thanks to the materials and technology we use, Carport Central can provide you with a quality, rugged, attractive, low-maintenance metal barn shed or building at a price that will meet both your needs AND your budget! Another cost advantage to our structures is the fact that they can be installed on ANY level surface, from concrete to asphalt, and from gravel to level ground. You don’t have to pay to pour a foundation if you don’t need one! And here’s another nice feature we provide our customers – we will deliver and install your building for you at no extra charge. We also have several attractive financing options through preferred providers, so we can also help you to afford the metal building you want and need!

Why Choose Carport Central?

We know you’d rather partner with a metal building provider who can really take of your needs, and also take care of you in the process. Here are a few reasons why Carport Central is your best choice for a metal barn storage shed:

  • We’re one of the leading online providers of metal structures in the nation, currently serving nearly all of the continental United States. We only partner work with the best local American manufacturers!
  • You can use our 3D Building Designer to configure your OWN ideal barn storage shed in minutes, on any computer, smartphone, or device
  • Top financing and rent-to-own options to help you get (and afford) the building you need
  • Carport Central provides the best customer experience and customer service in the industry; the BBB consistently awards us its highest A+ rating

At Carport Central, we’re about much more than just selling you a custom metal building – we’re about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. Give us a call today at +1 (980) 321-9898, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!

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