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2 Car Metal Garages with Carport

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The Ideal Solution for Storage and Functionality

2 car garages with a carport addition have become widely popular throughout the years, being used for a variety of purposes. Not only do they have a unique design and layout, but they combine the efficiency and functionality of multiple metal building styles into one. While their upfront costs may cost slightly more than a traditional garage or carport, our two car garage combo sheds provide more versatility than any of our other products. In addition to their superior versatility and overall functionality, other benefits you’ll gain from these buildings include the following:

  • Durable Enough to Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions and Daily Wear and Tear
  • Free Delivery and Installation Services
  • Can Be Customized to Your Exact Specifications
  • Can Have the Carport Attached to Either Side or End
  • Can Be Certified for a Variety of Wind and Snow Loads

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Multi-Purpose 2 Car Metal Garages with Carport

Framing Design of 2 Car Metal Garages with Lean-to

The combined design and functionality of both a steel garage and carport make these unique combo sheds perfect for most any possible need. The main portion of the structure is a fully enclosed garage, designed to have both windows and doors, if desired. The other section of this building is a top-only carport that can be attached to either side or end of the enclosed portion. With the framing design of both a garage and carport, our 2 car metal garages with a lean-to can do most anything you desire.

Choose How You Use Your Metal Garage Combo Carport

With such a unique design and layout, our metal garage combo carports have the ability to fulfill a variety of personal, residential, agricultural and commercial purposes. You can design these structures to your exact needs, choosing a width, length and height that will continue to fulfill your needs as they change over the years.

  • Outdoor Workspace
  • RV and Watercraft Cover
  • Park Pavilion
  • Equipment and Vehicle Storage
  • Entertainment Space

Roofing Styles Available at Carport Central

Each component of a prefab metal building is crucial to the structural integrity and functionality of the structure. But as one of the most important, it’s key that you choose a roof style that both suits your 2 car garage combo carport and the weather conditions in your area. With three available roof styles, it’s nearly impossible to not choose one to fulfill your needs.

  • Regular Roofs are the most economical option available in the metal building industry. They come with standard horizontally aligned paneling and 14-gauge framing pieces. They’re often referred to as a barn style roof, primarily because the bows and trusses are bent during manufacturing to create its unique shape. These roofing systems are best suited for areas with mild weather conditions.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs are designed with a traditional A-frame look, allowing this option to blend seamlessly with your home scheme and other structures. While they’re also installed with horizontal panels, they’re more suitable for areas with some high winds and light rain. Because they include unique trim and other features, they’re often referred to as boxed-eave roofs.
  • Vertical Roofs are the strongest and most reliable roofing option available today. They’re also an A-frame style; however, they include additional framing pieces for better protection and vertically oriented panels to easily channel all debris and precipitation off the roof. Though they are designed for all climate types, they’re recommended for areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

Customize Your Own 2 Car Metal Garage with Carport

Due to their unique combination design, our prefab two car garages with a carport add-on are some of the easiest structures to customize. While it’s easy to say you can customize every aspect of your metal building, we’ve provided a full breakdown of some of our various features below.

  • Colors – You can choose from a large collection of standard color options with our 3D Building Estimator. Depending on the area you live in, there may also be a various premium color options available.
  • Size Dimensions – While we have a variety of standard size dimensions to choose from, you’re also given the opportunity to choose your own. If you aren’t sure about how to choose proper size dimensions, just contact your building specialist for more information.
  • Roof Styles – Choose from our regular roofing option, A-frame horizontal roof and vertical roof. While each are reliable and suitable for certain weather conditions, they each have their own unique design and features.
  • Doors and Windows – Depending on the style structure you invest in, you can include walk-in doors, garage doors, frame-outs or even windows with the layout of your unit. Keep in mind, we recommend choosing a height at least two feet taller than the biggest door or frame-out.

How to Prepare Your Site Properly

After you’ve completed the order for your custom carport garage combo unit, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure the stability and longevity of your building. These steps are called site preparations; it is crucial to follow each step before preparing your site or foundation. We’ve listed these various steps below to help you better understand what to do. For more information, you can contact your building specialist today.

  • Choose a site location that provides enough space for both your original building and any modifications you plan to make after installation.
  • Clear the site of all trees, stumps, vegetation, debris and blockages.
  • Level the site once it has been cleared of all debris.
  • Select the proper foundation for your structure and have it properly set for a steel building to be installed on.

Obtaining Permits and Meeting All Requirements and Codes

Before you have a two car steel garage combo shed installed, you will need to speak with your local building department and zoning office in regard to both state and local building codes, as well as required permits. It’s crucial that you follow the proper steps to meet these codes and requirements; if you don’t meet them, you could owe the county quite a bit of money. You may also have to stop the production of your project and acquire any permits before continuing the process. As mentioned before, your local building department and zoning office can provide you with more information about these codes and requirements.

How to Purchase Your Combo Unit from Carport Central

If you’re looking for a unique structure that will increase the value of your property will providing you with an all-in-one solution, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Carport Central, we don’t provide you with metal buildings, we provide you with solutions. No matter what your needs or wants may be, we promise you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. Just give us a call today at +1 (980) 321-9898 to speak with one of our knowledgeable building specialists or visit our website for more information.

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