Let Your Spirit Fly with a Custom Aircraft Hangar

Let Your Spirit Fly with a Custom Aircraft Hangar


Just as you made the decision to invest in your own aircraft, you should also consider investing in a reliable source of shelter from Mother Nature and damages caused by daily wear and tear. And to ensure the safety of both the passengers and pilot, you need to ensure the proper storage and aircraft maintenance procedures are being followed. Our custom metal buildings provide superior protection from weather elements, resistance to fire and corrosion, as well as other weaknesses that may affect their wooden counterparts.

Recognize the Importance of Protecting Your Aircraft with Aviation Metal Buildings

We know airplanes can take up a lot of space, making it very difficult to accommodate all your aircraft, other equipment and required tools for maintenance. But here at Carport Central, we custom aircraft hangars to protect your property and everything in between for decades. There are several benefits you stand to gain by investing in one of these unique structures, a few of them listed here below.

  • You Can Custom Design Your Metal Aircraft Hanger – There are a number of standard and custom configurations you can choose from here at Carport Central. Between a variety of different sizes, styles and other features, you can easily meet your needs with one of these custom steel buildings. In addition to choosing your own color combination, roof style and other customizations, you can also include a maintenance room, workshop, office space, conference area or any other room you may need. If you can dream it, we guarantee to build it.
  • You Will Experience Unbeatable Durability – With galvanized steel components used for all the framing, our prefab aircraft hangars have a range of durable, protective properties. And in addition to providing your aircraft with excellent protection, you can also enjoy a long-lasting metal unit at the lowest available price. You won’t have to worry about cutting corners either as when it comes to durability and quality, you know you’ll be getting the best of the best.
  • Assembly Time is Shortest in Industry – Pre-engineered structures are designed to easily and quickly be installed after arriving to the install site. Being pre-cut and pre-drilled during manufacturing allows for each piece to easily be put together. And because they have been designed for a quick install, it doesn’t take a significant amount of experience or level or education to put one together.
  • Considerable Amount of Interior Space – Working on and moving large pieces of aircraft around requires quite a bit of interior space, especially when the equipment will be moved in and out of the structure. Our aviation metal buildings can be constructed to include clear span areas up to 150 feet without the need for interior posts or barriers. This makes it much easier to store and maneuver your aircraft when needed.

Know About the Popular Prefab Aircraft Hangar Sizes

Although we have a variety of standard and custom size dimensions you can choose from, there are a few sizes that are purchased more often than others. The width, length and height of your structure will depend greatly on your budget as well as the size of your aircraft and your growing needs, so it’s important to keep that in mind while customizing your unit.

  • 42’x40′ – With a 42’W x 40’L custom steel building, you can do so much more than just store your aircraft. You can make the structure into a steel frame home, storage unit, or even a workspace for your growing business. This size structure is an excellent option for smaller, personal pieces of aircraft.
  • 50’x60′ – This size aviation metal building is another excellent option for personal pieces of aircraft, as well as private airplanes. If you plan to start your own training sessions for students who wish to get their pilot license, this storage solution would be perfect for you.
  • 60’x60′ – For one commercial plane or several pieces of private aircraft, one of our 60’x60′ custom metal buildings would be perfect for you. This unit is designed to fulfill a variety of needs, no matter if they’re personal or commercial.
  • 80’x80′ – An 80’x80′ prefab aircraft hangar is the ideal storage option for someone looking to store several pieces of private aircraft or a few pieces of commercial aircraft. This style structure is a popular option for airports as they can keep their property safe and secure from theft, daily wear and tear and Mother Nature’s forces.

Order Your Aviation Metal Building Today!

Carport Central is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional custom metal building for every area of the aviation industry. Not only will we take every possible measure to ensure you get the structure you need and desire, but we make sure you get a solution you can afford. You can contact one of our friendly building representatives today at (980) 321-9898 or visit our website to start creating your own airplane hangar with our 3D Building Estimator.


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