Why You Should Order a Metal Building NOW

Why You Should Order a Metal Building

Steel buildings are all the rage these days. From the city to the suburbs to the countryside, you’ll see folks using them for many purposes, ranging from farm to residential, and from carports to workshops. While there are a ton of online dealers, you should trust the biggest and the best – Carport Central. We offer the best customer experience, and we save you money and frustration. Many companies in the Carolinas are way behind on their install times, but not Carport Central – we offer the best lead times in the Carolinas … and everywhere else in the country, too!

Why You Should Order a Metal Building

Steel buildings are superior to stick-builds or those made from other materials:

  • Cost-Effective – Depending on the dimensions and customization’s, a steel building can be cheaper to build. Metal is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance than stick-builds or other structures. And since the color is infused into the metal, you don’t have the same peeling or fading paint issues.
  • Durable – Steel buildings don’t rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and extreme weather, including wind, rain, lightning, snow, even earthquakes!
  • Pest and Fire Resistant – Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or other pests, and doesn’t harbor mold or mildew. Steel is also incredibly fire resistant.
  • Customizable – The versatility of steel allows for more complex architectural designs and more clear-span interior space. It’s easier to expand metal buildings as your space needs grow, too.
  • Less Expensive to Insure – Thanks to superior strength, durability, and fire resistance, your insurance costs may decrease if you choose a steel building over other options.

Why You Should Order a Metal Building NOW…

Metal prices can be fickle, and may go up again soon. In order to secure the lowest 2018 metal carport prices, you should secure your order now, before 2019 gets here. If you order now, you can also still take advantage of current 2018 tax deductions.

Why You Should Order a Metal Building NOW from Carport Central!

At Carport Central, we CARE about our customers.  When we say that customer service is our top priority, we mean it!  We work hard to make sure you get the perfect building to meet all your needs, as well as your budget.  We also work hard to give you the best possible lead times in the North, South, Midwest, and West Coast states!

We know that buying a steel carport or garage is a significant investment, and it’s worth doing your homework to make sure you get the right product with the best service.  Consider what sets Carport Central apart from the competition:

Order a Metal Building from Carport Central
  • Carport Central is the nation’s largest online dealer of metal structures
  • Mutually-beneficial relationships with top local manufacturers and installers across the country to provide quality structures with the shortest lead times
  • Cutting-edge online tools like our constantly-updated 3D Estimator which enable you to easily design and customize your ideal metal structure, all from the comfort of your couch
  • When you’re ready to talk, one of our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists will take the time to listen to your needs, and we can walk you through every step
  • Delivery and installation included with your custom-designed carport, garage, or building
  • The best product, at a competitive price, with personalized customer service that extends beyond the sale
  • Great warranties for workmanship, metal framing, and metal siding
  • Rent-to-own and financing options available, too!

At Carport Central, we’re about much more than just selling you a metal building – We Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life.  Check us out online or give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and see the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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