Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Business Startups

Startup Business Trends and Stats for 2023 Thinking about starting your own business? There’s no better time than the present, especially if you have a new product or service to offer or something that no one else can provide in quite the same way as you. Emerging from the pandemic, the startup business scene is definitely alive and kicking in 2023. Here are a few recent stats compiled by Demand…

What Makes 26-Gauge PBR Panels Better for Metal Buildings?

Metal Buildings and PBR Panels Metal buildings have been a popular solution for carport, garage, storage shed, and barn applications in backyards for generations. But today’s custom metal structures – and those engineered with Carport Central metal building components in particular – can be used for a much wider scope of building applications, ranging from barndominiums and metal building homes, to farm buildings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and more. And…

Install Of The Month - 30x41x11 Double Garage

Looking for a good multipurpose storage solution for your backyard? Then take a closer look at this 30’ x 41’ x 11’ metal garage. It comes with a premium vertical roof, horizontal side paneling, two 10’ x 10’ roll-up garage doors, one premium 9 Lite walk-in door, and six premium 24” x 36” windows. It also includes a double bubble vapor barrier for the roof to help prevent condensation issues.…

Real American Steel Makes for Really Better Buildings

Steel buildings are better than stick builds Metal buildings have been around for centuries, and cold-formed steel construction in particular can be traced back to the mid-1800s. Steel structures have been demonstrated to be superior to other forms of construction in many ways. Modern steel-framed metal structures are more durable, more versatile, more resistant to weather, fire, & pests, and completely customizable. And professionally engineered metal building kits are more…

How to Turn a Metal Garage into a Metal Building Home

Why Metal Building Homes Make Good Sense For many of us, being able to build our own homes is an essential part of the American dream. The first part of making your dream a reality is securing some property on which to place your homestead. Once that’s taken care of, you’re now ready to enter into the realm of possibilities. And one of the best ways to turn your dream…

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