Building Of The Week – 40x61x14 Commercial Garage

Here’s a fantastic commercial-sized structure that’s strong enough for commercial-grade needs, but also versatile enough to be installed anywhere you want to place it. Perfect for your business property, farm, or even to put in your backyard! The main building is 40 feet wide and 60 feet long, providing you with 2400 feet of fully enclosed, clear-span interior space which you can divide up and use any way you like.…


Wind and Snow Ratings for Metal Buildings in NC

By Carport Central   |   Posted In: Garages
Wind and Snow Ratings for Metal Buildings in NC

Winter is Coming to NC … In Fact, Winter is Here! After a long, pleasant summer and a fairly mild fall, cold temperatures and winter weather have finally arrived in North Carolina. We’ve already gotten one snow so far, and a more significant frozen precipitation event is being forecast for much of NC this coming weekend. Snow! Ice! OMG! Exciting! So, are you ready for winter? Would you benefit from…

Building Of The Week – 30x41x13 Garage with Lean-To

  This is a fantastic combination building to use as your own backyard barn or workshop with covered shelter. The fully enclosed garage building measures 30’ x 40’ x 13’, and it comes with a sizable lean-to on the side which measures 15’ x 40’ x 9’. If you’re looking for a great multipurpose outdoor facility that can serve more than one function, this custom metal building offers a little…

Building Of The Week – 30x51x10 Utility Building

Here’s an all-vertical steel structure which is truly a great multipurpose building. Is it a garage, a workshop, or a carport? If you simply can’t pick A, B, or C, then just choose D, all of the above! This particular customer needed a combination of garage space, enclosed workshop space, and open-air shelter – and that’s exactly what Carport Central was able to deliver with this custom-designed metal building!  …

How a Metal Building Can Set Your Alabama Automotive Business Up for Success

The Automotive Industry is Big Business in Alabama Prior to 1993, there was no automotive manufacturing industry in The Heart of Dixie. But in the span of less than three decades, Alabama has quickly become the #3 auto exporting state in the nation. Mercedes-Benz opened its first U.S. assembly plant here, and others have chosen to follow suit. Honda, Hyundai, and Mazda-Toyota are building cars in Alabama now too, along…

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