24x36 Utility Garage
24x36 Utility Garage
24x36 Utility Garage
24x36 Utility Garage

ITEM : 24369UG

Starting At: $9,810.00$9,795.00
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You know the only thing better than a metal garage? A metal garage with a covered porch.

Not only can you use a building like this to park a car or truck, and also store other items inside. You also have a protected area to use for open-air storage, as well. For that matter, you could turn the covered portion into a bona fide porch area for sitting, if you like. A utility garage like this can honestly be whatever you need it to be, and Carport Central delivers and installs custom metal buildings like this every day!

24 x 36 Utility Garage Specs:

Take a closer look at this 24’ x 36’ x 9’ utility garage, and envision all the possibilities of getting this building for yourself:

  • 24’ x 26’ x 9’ vertical roof metal garage (frame base of 25’L)
  • Ends and sides enclosed with horizontal metal paneling
  • 24’ x 10’ x 9’ vertical roof porch
  • One 8’ x 8’ frame-out
  • One 36” x 80” walk-in door
  • One 24” x 36” window
  • Engineered and certified to meet local building code

You can purchase this utility garage today with a down payment as low as 15%. Total pricing for this building is $9,810. Got questions? Ready to get your own multipurpose utility garage? Just give us a call (980) 553-2214 and mention item: 24369UG.

You can get this garage exactly as pictured, but with Carport Central you can also choose to customize or tweak the building however you like. You can even draw up your own perfect steel structure with our exclusive 3D Building Designer. We’ll take whatever design you create, and use that to start your building order. Yes, it really can be that easy!

Looking for metal building financing options? We’ve got you covered there, too. Carport Central is proud to offer the BEST metal building financing and RTO plans around!

So give us a call at (980) 553-2214, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself.

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